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Pergo flooring at Lowe's and Home Depot seem to run about $3.79/square foot. That's around $1750 for just the flooring itself (though I realize we can install it ourselves, yes). I'm wondering if our contractor can't get Pergo flooring (or something as good) for less and then install it rather cheaply… We'd put an area rug under the pool table itself.

Specifically, this Pergo: the "American Cottage" line's "American Red Oak" color. It has a 30-year warranty… so if it lasted 20 we'd be happy. Laminate flooring over regular wood or veneer because it'll see a lot of wear and tear, and balls jumping off the table might dent or crack softer floors.

That, or we may just do carpet. The ones Carey and I looked at the other day ran about $2.79/sq. foot. I think (fake) wood floors, dark green walls, and a nice wood table sounds pretty elegant.

3 Responses to "Pergot"

  1. I would suggest Shaw laminate. Same quality as Pergo -- but a bit cheaper. Love it.

  2. My mom recently got something similar to Pergo, but cheaper. I think it may have been Shaw.

    I know IKEA sells some cheap flooring, but I don't know if it's any good or not.

  3. Found a flooring place today with Shaw. It looks nice is and indeed a good bit cheaper ($2.80 to $3.50 per square foot). They want to charge $0.49/sq. foot for the padding, though. So that adds to it. And $2.25 for installation. If it was $1/square foot I'd pay someone to do it, but at $900+, forget it!