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Lennox Guy Recommends Wall Units

The Lennox guy came today to look at our furnace/A/C needs. Our furnace, he said, is just fine. Our air conditioner needs replacing, but we knew that.

He said he would not warrant or guarantee a furnace or air conditioner in a zoned setup. The game room would always be calling for a lot of heat or cooling, and it'd stress the units. Instead, he recommended a wall heating unit made by Rianna (I think that's the name, but Google seems to disagree) and Mitsubishi split-ductless air conditioner. We'd probably put them above and below the window.

I'm not sure (and I'll edit this later to reflect this) whether we'd even run ducts to the room and use the heat/AC as a supplemental source of heating and cooling or whether we'd can the idea for ducts and just use the units. This guy, the Lennox guy, is the first of the three people we've had over to discuss our heating and cooling needs to recommend units in the room.

So now I'm not so sure. 🙂