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QotD: School Subjects

Question: What was your best subject in school?

My Answer: Applied math - i.e. physics, some parts of chemistry, etc. I also liked biology and straight math. I despised English and history. I did reasonably well in French, but most of my enjoyment in that class was because Carey sat in front of me. 😉

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4 Responses to "QotD: School Subjects"

  1. English and History ;-). I think English and History are highly dependant on the quality of the teacher. I had some great teachers and as such I really enjoyed them.

  2. In College, my subject/class was Operations Management. It was reqired for my business degree, and it offered extra credit assignments in which you would compete with other students taking the course. After winnning one of the two competetions and placing in the top five of the other one I got a perfect score in the class. This was, incidentally, the only required business class that I got an A in during my whole degree program.

    (PS -- This is my first blog post using my new miniMac!)

  3. In college part one (marketing degree with minors in business economics and management) I liked economic forecasting the best. In college part two (math teacher certification) I liked math history and assessment classes the best. As far as high school goes...hmmm...physics 1 and marriage and family life. Physics 2 got overwhelming because I was overly dependent on Erik and got lost. Marriage and family life was such a blow off class that I could just talk to my friends!

  4. in high school, math. Calculus was the most amazing thing ever in high school. 🙂

    in college, definitely computer science. I pretty much got all As in those, except for algorithms (which I found a bit boring) and theory of computation (which was incredibly fun, but I sucked at parts of it.) I was a math/CS joint major, but I definitely did better in my CS courses than in my math courses. (I loved graph theory and abstract algebra. Real analysis was very interesting, but I sucked at it. I hated differential equations .. glad I was able to get away with just one course.)

    For some reason English teachers hated all my papers. I always did well in history, though.. the way I write papers is more like the way a historian writes papers. Not surprising, given that my dad was a history teacher and my mom was also a history major.