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Yet Another Game Room Audio Idea

My latest game room audio idea: build a small box into the wall with a glass front. Put a Mac Mini inside and run speaker wire behind the wall to two speakers. Mount an LCD display of some kind above the Mac Mini should anyone want to watch a DVD or the iTunes visuals. Total cost: $1250 or so ($400+ for the Mac Mini, $500 or so for an LCD I can mount to the wall pretty flush, and $250 or so for two halfway decent speakers and wire.

Yah? No?

3 Responses to "Yet Another Game Room Audio Idea"

  1. You could do the pseudo-arcade thing and put mame on the mac as well. I'm not sure where in the house you're planning on putting it but you could put some bar stools in front and when it's not playing audio people can play arcade games on it.

  2. ...what would power the speakers?

    you still need an amp (or deck) to run the signal to, and speakers from.

    i like the idea though. 🙂

    i'd look into getting a Rotel stereo receiver, if you want to go classy. (they are pretty damn nice, but you pay for what you get.)

    (not to mention they're awfully pretty.)

  3. shouldn't you wait for the *new* mac mini? *wink wink*