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Up Late Tonight

Not a whole lot is changing, really, but a few things are. I'm getting sucked into the whole "pool" thing - planning to play a lot more and working out a deal with the pool hall in North East to do their site in exchange for playing time and some lessons. Trying to figure out the pool room stuff. You know, that sort of thing.

A good buddy had some personal, family, and time issues pop up and has had to cease writing his "Thrash Talk" articles for The Sand Trap. We're sad to see him go and wish him the best. Hopefully he'll keep chit-chatting with us in the forum.

Things with Carey and I are going reasonably smoothly. I'm getting antsy waiting for golf season to come around again, I can tell you that. She went to bed a few hours ago… and I'm looking around online for some pool crap I still need to buy: tip tappers, pocket chalkers, Elephant Balls, a leather cue bridge, joint protectors, and possibly some slightly-better-than-kit cues.

A few weeks ago a long-time friend - a friend about whom I can say many bad things, but won't - exhibited some pretty lame behavior over what was a rather small issue. I really don't like those who blame-shift, particularly when they try to shift the blame for their own mistakes, attitudes, et al onto me.

I need to call my grandma to thank her for the holiday stuff. I've set a reminder up in iCal.

I haven't talked to my friend José in a few days. I spend a lot of time worrying about him. I don' want to share all of his personal information here, but suffice to say he's been sick for a long time and it's quite possible that if I don't hear from him for a few days, that he's no longer alive. That thought scares the bejeezus out of me, because José is one of my favorite people in the world.

Anyway, just a few things bangin' 'round in my head. I'm now sufficiently tired to go to bed.