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Laminate Flooring and Installation

Carey and I have visited two places (A, B for the purpose of this post) in Erie now to get flooring quotes for the game room. The best offer we've gotten thus far is $2750. The idea is to use Shaw laminate flooring to cover between 396 and 437 square feet of space minus a sunk-in carpet measuring 5'x9'. The pool table would sit on the carpet in the center of the room (with no padding beneath it). The quote breaks down like this (for a 400 square foot room).

$1260 laminate (~ $3.35/sq.ft. - B had it for $3.21)
$250 for the carpet (a little cheaper than B)
$270 for the foam (~ $0.75/sq.ft. - B had similar stuff for $0.49)
$800 for labor (B had this at ~$1100)
$155 for tax

First off, I think they calculated tax wrong. I'm pretty sure you don't pay sales tax on labor. Second, the installation will take about five or six hours, tops. It's a new room and it's a big ol' rectangle. Let's assume six hours - that's $133/hour.

I've called store A back and said "our limit was around $2k, but at $2250 we'd be willing to pay you today to do it. We can't really go any higher than that because store B's quote is comparable, labor seems inflated, and your materials costs are a little higher." Store B is staffed by moron jerks, so we'd really rather not go with them.

Store A will call us back today or tomorrow.

One Response to "Laminate Flooring and Installation"

  1. Found this out today: in PA, if you buy materials in PA and have them installed in PA, there's no sales tax on the materials or the labor. If you buy the materials to install it yourself, there is sales tax.

    So that store is trying to screw us out of $155.