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Grokster Seized

From the "government threatening its citizens" department comes this nugget (visit

The United States Supreme Court unanimously confirmed that using this service to trade copyrighted material is illegal. Copying copyrighted motion picture and music files using unauthorized peer-to-peer services is illegal and is prosecuted by copyright owners.

There are legal services for downloading music and movies. This service is not one of them.

YOUR IP ADDRESS IS AND HAS BEEN LOGGED. Don't think you can't get caught. You are not anonymous.

Of course it's been logged. It's a fucking web server.

Incidentally, as a Mac user (did Grokster ever work on a Mac?) and as someone who knew one of the Grokster lawyers, I visited after reading this article.

2 Responses to "Grokster Seized"

  1. It's the RIAA and the MPAA that entered into the settlement and obtained the right to put the message up on, not the government. Yes, it was the government's laws that gave the RIAA and MPAA the right to do so, but it's not the government that is making the threats here.

  2. I like this bit the best:

    There are legal services for downloading music and movies.

    Music, maybe, but movies? None that I'm aware of (at least for the Mac.)