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‘Official’ VW iPod Adapter – Some Good, Some Bad

Yesterday I took the Touareg in for its 5K oil change. I also had the fire blanket installed under the hood (it should have been there all along). I've been waiting for the iPod adapter since August or so, and last wrote about it in early November.

I got the iPod adapter yesterday. As suspected, it does not display the ID3 tags on my car radio. The iPod itself uses a weird font to display the information, and album art does not appear.

The adapter uses the six-disc CD changer port. CDs 1-5 hit up your first five playlists (I've created some specifically for the iPod, so this will work nicely). CD 6 plays all the songs on your iPod. The counter (i.e. "3:12") works properly, skipping and fast-forwarding (and rewinding) tracks works (albeit a tad slowly), and so forth. For some reason, $18 in "clips" were tacked onto my bill despite the fact that I'd not authorized it or been told about it.

The cord comes out into the glove box and is long enough to operate the iPod from the driver's seat. If, you know, you want to reach across and open your glove box while driving. I'll have more to say about it after I've used it for awhile.

Still pisses me off about the ID3 tags, though. Fuckers.

170 Responses to "‘Official’ VW iPod Adapter – Some Good, Some Bad"

  1. Crap. This sucks about the tags. Ganley VW in Cleveland is installing this thing in my '01 Jetta right now. I'm a little nervous because this is only the 2nd unit they've installed and it's the 1st one in an '01.

    I was banking on being able view song titles on the display of my Monsoon sound system. It's going to cost around $300 for this, perhaps I should have gone to Best Buy or Circuit City.

  2. I just bought a 2006 Passat last Friday, after trading my 2006 Jetta for it... Is the adaptor "worth it?" I have found it online, as well as a picture of what it looks like--as the VW magazine won't ever show what it looks like--and I am considering getting it.

    However, I do not have a VW dealer in my town (nearest one is 2 hrs away). Basically, is it worth getting...? I have an iPod mini, and my gf had a Nano...


    1. I got a 2009 Jetta with the I-pod adapter and I am hoping it can be removed. No on screen data only plays from 1 of up to 5 playlists in order (no shuffle) I would prefer just having an aux in and control from the ipod.

    2. I would prefer just the aux in as well. My Ipod dock in my 09 rabbit does not even charge the Ipod. and since it is docked I can't charge and listen at the same time.

  3. The Nav Radio in the 2006 Jetta GLI sucks. Stupid iPod adapter and no mp3. Would have been better off with a hole in the dash for an Alpine from BestBuy.

  4. I had VW install an iPod adapter into my 2005 Jetta. It was one of the first ones they installed, so my labor costs were a little high. I wish I could have known more about the adapter before deciding to go with this one. It works, but I was pretty disappointed when I first turned it on.

    First off, you can't control the iPod from the iPod itself when it's connected. You can only choose from five playlists you create ahead of time (numbered 1 thru 5). I'm not a big playlist user so this wasn't too thrilling for me. I prefer to listen to albums or artists or random songs. The only way I can listen to a specific album is I have to disconnect the iPod from the adapter, choose the album, start it playing and then plug in the adapter. All while driving? Fun.

    The sound quality is great. Much better than an FM transmitter and better than the cassette adapter.

    Some quirks I've noticed:

    First off, you have to disconnect the iPod from the adapter before you turn off your car or else the iPod will continue to play. I ran out of battery life on my iPod a few times before realizing this was happening.

    Also, the adapter/cord is in the glove compartment, suggesting you should leave your iPod in there, but I noticed the iPod remains connected to your car battery even when the car is turned off, which makes me a little worried about draining my car battery. I don't want to have to jumpstart my car cause of my iPod.

    And finally, I've had some really strange crashes with my iPod since getting the adapter. Prior to getting the adapter, my iPod NEVER crashed. The iPod becomes unresponsive and I have to reset it to get it to work again. And I have trouble getting it to reset properly. My instincts tell me it's the adapter that is confusing the iPod.

    I should mention I have an iPod Photo 30 gig.

    I have repeatedly tried to learn who the maker of this adapter is because I would like to pursue a firmware upgrade, since other adapters offer them from time to time. Perhaps they might improve functionality/features with a firmware upgrade. If so, I want to hear about it. If anyone knows who the company is or if anyone hears about an upgrade, please let me know. Thanks!

  5. I had the iPod adapter installed on my 2006 Jetta TDI this morning and I'm very disappointed. First of all, the cord comes out of the glove box. Seriously, VW couldn't come up with something a little more slick than this. When you close the glove box, it crimps the cable. So, I plug in and it works, but when I turn the volume on the stereo up, my ears are pierced by a high-pitched squeal. Oh, and did I mention it cost me $350. Then they had the balls to charge me $75 for an oil change. I'm pissed. I'm in love with the car, but this experience has put a bad taste in my mouth.

  6. I purchased the iPod adapter for my 2007 Passat - this has got to be the worst accessory for iPod that I have seen.

    If there is one CD in my CD in-dashboard adapter the iPod adapter will not work.

    The song title information will not display through the radio.

    You can't use the iPod when it is connected to the adapter - i.e. you can't scroll through you song list and select a song or anything for that matter.

    If you try to "skip" a song as soon as it starts it will change the number of the song playing i.e. from 6 to 7, but song 6 still plays for approximately 5 seconds before it skips.

    This iPod adapter is poorly designed - the biggest waste of money! It cost me with installation $433.00 Cdn. The iPod adapter is only $199.00 Cdn. - so its price is double with installation.

    Take my advice and DO NOT purchase it!!!

  7. did any one check out harman kardon's ipod adaptor? isn't that the same maunfaturer for vw's stero?

  8. I contacted VW Customer Service to complain about the iPod Adapter.

    VWs response was basically "to bad so sad" - they said they are sorry I am not happy, but there is nothing they can do - I purchased it so I am stuck with it.

    This will be my last VW car that I purchase!!!!!

  9. [quote comment="38072"]This will be my last VW car that I purchase!!!!![/quote]

    Because you don't like an iPod adapter you could have easily researched prior to buying? Yeah… brilliant…

  10. Erik you are correct - I should have done my research.

    Since VW does not care about my business they have now lost my business. I have bought 4 cars from them - their loss!

  11. [quote comment="38343"]Since VW does not care about my business they have now lost my business. I have bought 4 cars from them - their loss![/quote]

    Uh, I would argue that it's you who doesn't care about your business.

  12. Looks like there's an RCA adapter option as well? At least in the 07 Touaregs.

    This sounds like the better solution than the iPod adapter. Sure, you lose steering wheel controls, but they appear to be very limited anyway. With the RCA inputs, you have full control over the iPod.

  13. Thanks guys. I'm researching an adapter for my Passat today and you saved me from a bad choice!

  14. Good choice Tom!

    Lets hit VW where it counts ... in the pocket book.

  15. I ve got a Passat 07 - would have been great to hear about the rca adaptor , since you get control over your Ipod directly , not waisting time scrolling with this this very inneicient playlist interface ...

    I think VW should get these complaitn seriously , give follow up and get better product , upgrade freely previous owners of this , shitty , costly interface!

    have fun - mark andre

  16. [quote comment="38072"]I contacted VW Customer Service to complain about the iPod Adapter.

    VWs response was basically "to bad so sad" - they said they are sorry I am not happy, but there is nothing they can do - I purchased it so I am stuck with it.

    This will be my last VW car that I purchase!!!!![/quote]

    I agree that this adapter isn't an ideal solution for playing audio from an iPod through your car stereo but the shortcomings with this product are not hidden. I'm in the process of purchasing a VW Rabbit and before handing over the down payment I did a bit of reasearch on the options I was interested in and easily found that for me this iPod adapter is not worth the cost. This research took me all of 10 minutes.

    By the way its really hard to take someone seriously who states their future vehicle purchases will not be from a particular company due issues with an optional component that has nothing to do with the main purpose of a car which is to get you from place "A" to place "B" hopefully safely and relaibly.

  17. I bought a 07 GTI just before the end of the year and contemplated getting the ipod adaptor. The cost threw me so I researched the functionality, which seemed lacking.

    I opted for a $5 cable from RadioShack to plug into the glove box RCA adaptor. This allows me to listen on shuffle (which is the only way I usually listen).

    The ipod has been gathering dust, though. The cd player will play mp3s burned to a cd and displays id3 tags on the screen. I've been having fun coming up with 800 meg cds to put in the changer to shuffle. The only problem is that it will only shuffle the songs on a single disk. Plus, thesteering wheel can skip tracks, mute and control volume.

    I'd blame Apple for the bad adaptor and keep enjoying the sweet ride of VWs. My new GTI is awesome!

  18. I think that Ty is not out of bounds here. I just purchased an iPod adapter and am extraordinarily disappointed by it. If I purchase a cheap $30 adapter, then I expect to get just that. But if I get a "VW genuine" accessory that costs nearly $400, than I expect a whole lot more. And I also expect VW to stand behind it. I mean, come on, it doesn't display the ID3 tags? Really. I have $79 iPod accessories that will do that.

    Will I base my future car purchase on that? Probably not. But I've had enough trouble with my '06 VW Passat (the first I've ever owned) that this may just be the final straw.

  19. Thank you Donald.

    Finally someone that sees my point.

    VW should be standing behind their products.

    For that matter when someone wants to buy the iPod adapter they should say to the consumer:

    1. ID3 Tags DO NOT DISPLAY through the car stero.
    2. You cannot control / use the iPod once it is connected to the car.
    3. You cannot select a "particular" song through your iPod, therefore you will have to let it randomly play.
    4. Changing to the next song is slow.

    BE HONEST with the consumer. There is nothing worse then a pissed off consumer.

    I hope more people read this before the buy the VW iPod Adapter.

  20. [quote comment="39336"]VW should be standing behind their products.

    For that matter when someone wants to buy the iPod adapter they should say to the consumer:[/quote]

    Ty, you're full shit. I knew all of the things you listed prior to purchasing my iPod adapter, and I got one of the first ones available nationwide (over a year ago).

    I researched what I could and asked questions. For me, the solution is adequate and beats using an FM broadcaster. Would I like to see ID3 tags? You bet. Am I disappointed it doesn't? NO, because I knew it wouldn't going in.

    [quote comment="39336"]BE HONEST with the consumer. There is nothing worse then a pissed off consumer.[/quote]

    They haven't lied to you. Stop posting on my blog if you're going to lie yourself.

    1. Ty,

      Really! Not going to buy a car because you failed to get the information up front. I won't buy the iPod interface. It seems easier to burn MP3 cd's.

      VW GLI's are awesome. What do you want VW to do? Retroactively design a car? silly, silly. Hopefully, you can find a car that is as safe, reliable and fun AND gives you whatever ridiculous music requirements you need.

      time to burn some cd's and spend $300 on something else. VW are for drivers not silly music people.

  21. I agree that the ID3 tag info not displaying is extremely dissapointing, but figured I can become accustomed to the playlist control..........if it worked. Now my unit may be a particular issue that others aren't experiencing, so please tell me if any of you with these are having similar problems. I have an 06 jetta 2 series, with the 6cd changer option and my ipod adapter installed by the dealership. I have the car back there 4 times already for some strange issues.

    1. Whenever the car starts up with ipod connected, always starts on CD6 (all songs on ipod), if it was playing a particular playlist prior to turning the car off once the car is started again it will always default back to CD6. However still playing whatever track from whatever playlist it was using before i.e. CD4. Now this is strange but tolerable, and not the biggest issue I have.

    2. When first selecting my ipod if I select something other than CD6 (a playlist for example), the selection automatically goes to CD1, all the CDs flash off and then back on, sound cuts out for a second and the play starts at the very first song on the ipod, back on CD6. If then select another CD it will work. This is extremely annoying and I can't believe that this is a typical thing, it's almost as if the ipod loses its connection briefly and resets. I've had the car back to the dealer 4 times mainly because of this, there response so far has been "we can't duplicate it" Even though I was able to show the service desk guy it happening and had it happen immediately when I picked up the car last time.

    3. A strange high pitched sound that happens occasionally, in their defense this isn't something that I can even duplicate and only happens every onece in a while. I know it's not the particular track because it happens on several tracks and even can be heard in the silence between changing tracks. The only way it seems to stop is when the car is shut off or sometimes if the radio is shut off and turned back on.

    All in all these are the things that I find terribly dissapointing right now, there is no chance of me getting my money back for the equipment and that admittedly is my own fault. But, is it so much to ask for this hunk of junk to work properly? Please let me know if any of you have experienced similar issues. I love VW cars and will continue to buy them, but chances are I won't be investing in any of there accesories any more or using this particular dealership for my business anymore.

    Also as a side note, I have tried two different ipods and had these problems occur with both.

  22. [quote comment="39430"]1. Whenever the car starts up with ipod connected, always starts on CD6 (all songs on ipod), if it was playing a particular playlist prior to turning the car off once the car is started again it will always default back to CD6.[/quote]

    It should be noted, too, that despite it choosing "CD6" it is still actually playing whatever songs are in the previously selected playlist. I confirmed this by putting only four songs in one playlist. For a week of several driving sessions, only those four songs played, despite me having 2000 other songs in different playlists on the iPod.

    I explicitly remember because those four songs were the "flavor of the week" songs for my three-year-old kiddo at the time. She had to hear them non-stop.

    [quote comment="39430"]2. When first selecting my ipod if I select something other than CD6 (a playlist for example), the selection automatically goes to CD1, all the CDs flash off and then back on, sound cuts out for a second and the play starts at the very first song on the ipod, back on CD6. If then select another CD it will work. This is extremely annoying and I can't believe that this is a typical thing, it's almost as if the ipod loses its connection briefly and resets.[/quote]

    The connection is far from perfect. This happens frequently. Sometimes I have to push more than two times to get it to "stick" on a playlist.

    Really, I've basically given up on the playlist feature entirely. I just leave it in CD6 and only put the songs I like on my iPod. Really defeats the purpose, but then again, I don't care to spend much time monkeying around anyway, and radio is, in comparison, 100x worse.

    I've looked around a few times for a full-size replacement radio that would work with my iPod, but all third-party radios are small and would leave an ugly gap. I've even considered mounting a Mac Mini in my VW with a touch-screen. If someone around here could do it for $1k, I'd do it. That'd be the ultimate in control.

    For now I muddle through: incredibly happy not to have to use radio, tolerant of the many faults (most of which I knew of beforehand) of the iPod adapter in the VW.

    [quote comment="39430"]3. A strange high pitched sound that happens occasionally, in their defense this isn't something that I can even duplicate and only happens every onece in a while. I know it's not the particular track because it happens on several tracks and even can be heard in the silence between changing tracks. The only way it seems to stop is when the car is shut off or sometimes if the radio is shut off and turned back on.[/quote]

    I've never had that, but I share your disappointment with the other parts.

  23. Good heaven's... am I glad that I found this page. My hubby and I just purchased the 2006 Jetta TDI wagon. **Long live the TDI.** 😀
    We were just discussing getting the iPod adapter, so I thought I would do some research on it. My search originally began because our concern was whether the vw stereo would be able to control the iPod with a Linux based OS on it called Rockbox. I had no idea there were so many other concerns about it. This just saved us hundreds of dollars and lots of disappointment.

    I have also been trying to find out if the in-dash CD player in the CDN model of the 2006 Jetta TDI wagon plays MP3's. Kind of CD's it plays +-R or +-RW. I have not been able to find this out on any of the specification pages. Does anyone know if they do?

  24. I also hear that "strange high pitched sound" and it is really annoying! and I think it is the IPOD HD spinning, and I'm not sure if that's the adapter malfunction or what, I'm about to take the car to the shop and see if they can fix that. anyone else have this problem? if yes, what ipod do you have? I have the 5.5 Gen. IPOD video.

  25. Here is my experience (2000 Jetta, Monsoon stereo).

    1. I did a bit of research online and compared prices. There is a vast discrepancy in how much different people charge for these adapters. And there are different "generations" of the adapter. For those of you discouraged by what you read above, take heart. It isn't as bad as you think. (I will include a link to the place I got mine from, below).

    2. The display of track names isn't going to happen. This is just the way it is - the CD changer never had that capability and no adapter can make it do that.

    3. Don't pay for a giant installation bill. You can do this yourself. I needed help to get the radio out (it requires little "radio slim jims" that a VW mechanic has), so I asked my mechanic. He gladly came out to the car, inserted the slim jims and popped it out. I did all the rest, without any tools at all.

    4. The instructions suggest you remove the battery terminals etc, but the mechanic didn't seem to be too concerned about that, so I just kept going. This has the added benefit of not requiring you to reprogram your radio. There are no bare wires, so I don't know how you'd shock yourself anyway.

    5. I got it all hooked up but couldn't get the radio back into the slot all the way. It seemed to be too much cables and stuff in the back. I fiddled and fiddled with it, but couldn't do it. I stopped by a car radio installation place and the guy said - "It's tight in there, you just have to keep working at it." Great. Here's what (eventually) worked for me:

    - remove the radio again and notice that the little storage bin above the radio is actually just a plastic bin that pops out. Popped it out and - voila - there was lots of room to get my hand in an push the cable out of the way while pushing the radio in. Turns out it wasn't the CD-changer/ipod cable but the antenna cable that was not folding back properly.

    6. The (newer) iPod adapter that I got ($118 online, delivered in about 10 days by Canada Post) *doesn't* drain the battery or leave the iPod running. In fact, it pauses the iPod whenever you change modes (FM, AM, Tape) or turn it off. It will charge it while you are running and for an hour after you leave the car. As soon as you start the car in the morning it picks up and plays the song it was playing the night before, just like a CD player.

    7. The (newer) iPod adapter also has an "AUX" connector (two RCA connectors) that you can optionally enable, and the "direct" mode - in which you can use the ipod clickwheel etc - is also an option. These options are set with two little switches on the box, so don't bury the box too deeply in your dash!

    8. People above mentioned that the ipod was put in the glove compartment by their dealer. I am sure that is a good idea for security, but dangerous and inconvenient for reaching for it. Perhaps that is a good thing, but if you do the install yourself, you can put it where you want it. Mine is in the centre console for now and it seems pretty happy there. There was lots of cable (they even sell an optional cable that would let you have the iPod in the trunk).

    9. I bought my unit - which is available elsewhere, I am sure - through eBay, from this person: I am sure he will have more for sale. You can search on item number 270080728266 on ebay. The actual unit is "PIE VWR/PC-POD2". I think the "POD2" is important, as it includes the latest programming.

    In conclusion - the sound is great, the convenience and safety of not looking at your ipod while driving is great, the installation was not that bad, once I got the radio out and figured out that the storage bin came out.

    Don't be discouraged!


  26. My story is that same as most on here...just bought a '07 Jetta and would like to have the iPod play through the sound system. I found 2 methods that I have been considering...

    1. Purchasing a iPod interface connector and have it hardwired. I searched for that guy on eBay but he deleted his acct or something. I didn't realize it but i was already looking at a website that sells the "PIE VWR/PC-POD2". They actually have over 20 interface connectors that do various things. The "PIE VWR/PC-POD2" sells for $125. They do sell the OEM vw adapter but from these comments, I am sure no one will be looking into those. Anywho, the website is

    2. Using the 3.5mm aux-in that is in my glove box and send the wire to go out the back of the glove box towards the radio and tucking it under the center console to a iPod charger. There are 2 iPod chargers I found that incorporate an 3.5mm audio-out connection in the charger's base. That way you will only have 1 (docking) wire connected to the iPod hangin' out to charge and audio out. You can check them out and . If you have other electornics that you may need to charge in your car besides your iPod, I would go for the Kensington one because you may plug in a USB to whatever cord and charge your devices. If the iPod is you only concern, I would go with the Belkin option because it has a adjustable amplifier. With this option, you can match the sound levels with your car stereo so you don't blow eardrums when switching from radio to the iPod. Now to mount it. There were not too many mounting options because I would never stick or screw something onto my dash. I found the Jetta Phone & Electronics Console but can't find any info/reviews on it. I also foun the " Proclip 853359" on enfig's site ( ). I will give an update on what I go with and how it works out.

  27. I purchased a 2006 TDI with an IPod adaptor built in. I was assured it would work just fine with my IPod (I purchased it out of state so was not able to test the Unit until it arrived and the purchase was final).

    When the car arrived I was confused about the use of the IPod. I also have navagation (large screen) and was wrong to assume that the unit would show my song lits or albums. I contacted The dealer I purchased it from and they had no idea but finally referred me to the VW district manager who had no idea why it would not show the song lists etc. like all the other high quaility after market navigation units with IPod adapters. He said he would research it but after calling him for three months I finally gave up on listening to his BS excuses why he could not find out but would "keep trying..."

    Volkswagen must not have ever test driven their cars with an IPod prior to releasing this ridiculous excuse for an $1800 add on. They need to clean up their act or they will certainly loose maket share.


  28. Hi everyone,

    In case you are still looking for the manufacturer of the VW Ipod adapter: check out VW in Germany was selling this adapter before they included it as an official VW product.


  29. Hi. Read the entries and I'm thinking about the options. It has been almost a year since I looked at Crutchfield for adaptors and what I saw then doesn't appear to be there anymore. However there is this...Harman Kardon Drive+Play 2 as well as this...USA SPEC Volkswagen iPod® Interface which I suspect is the same thing most of you are posting. Interesting to me that the VW Spec says it for 2005 and newer yet Crutchfield says compatible with my 2003 Eurovan factory radio. I'll be confirming that before I purchase. Anyone have comments? Crutchfield link here...

  30. ha im researching buying a rabbit (for tomorrow) and yes, do your research. this page was enough to tell me to stay away from the adapter. it sounds like a ripoff. 300+ extra dollars? they have to be joking. ill buy a third party fix for a fraction of that cost.

  31. Hey all, If you use the RCA input in the glove box, how do you select it as the source on the head unit? Thanks!

  32. Wow. I'm suprised by the number of people who add this on when purchasing and don't bother to ask any questions about it. I just got a '07 Eos a knew that an ipod adapter just wasn't necessary, for anyone.

    But really, how hard is it to buy a $3 1/8"->1/8" cable, snake it out your glovebox, and connect it to a dock that just sits on the dashboard. Costs next to nothing and you can see the ipod clearly because it sits right in front of your face. Controls are right in reach while you are driving. Only downside is you see about a foot of wire coming out of the glovebox, but only your passenger has to look at it anyway. If you are worried about the dock moving around, just buy a sticky pad and it stays put (even if you treat your car rough around the corners). If you really need it to charge just buy the $10 car charger and hook that to the dock too.

  33. [quote comment="41639"]But really, how hard is it to buy a $3 1/8"->1/8" cable, snake it out your glovebox, and ...[/quote]

    I have a 2007 Passat Wagon. I never even noticed the "secret" compartment in the glove box until recently. But all I see in there is a funny-looking 12-pin adapter, nothing that looks like a 1/8" stereo plug.

    klw above mentioned a 1/8" stereo plug, but perhaps this is only on the EOS. Does anyone know if there is a 1/8" stereo plug on the 2007 Passat Wagon?

  34. Oh, btw, I have the regular stereo (not the Dynaudio) and the in-dash 6-CD changer. Is there an AUX input or 1/8" stereo plug that I can easily use (i.e. without having to yank out the stereo)?

  35. Got a (UK) Passat delivered last night with the iPod option. Sadly, I realised too late that the implementation was going to be godawful (after chatting with an Audi-owning friend).

    Sounds like a real botch. I'll have to have a poke around in the glovebox to ascertain whether or not there are jack connectors. Not worried about wires everywhere, just want to hear the choons through the speakers, rather than my headphones.

    Does anybody know if there are likely to be jacks (I think you call them RCA connectors in America) hidden away in there? Thanks.

  36. It's true. The 2007 Pasat Wagon has an 1/8" input in the glovebox - up high and to the left. I'm sure it's designed for an expensive cable that allows control through the head unit but, the 1/8" works just fine. If I remember correctly, the head automatically switched to AUX when the signal reached it. I like the idea of the dock and the charger+audio out combo. I guess I'm going cable shopping tomorrow...

  37. Yeah, just purchased an '07 Jetta with iPod adapter . . . HATE it. Sure I should have researched it, but every other car owner I know with an iPod adapter is still able to operate the iPod with the clickwheel and still able to see the album art on the screen. Seriously, there is NO way this item should cost more than $30. Definitely disappointed. Wish I'd come here first. Ultimately, I probably didn't end up paying for the adapter (as a result of the negotiation process). I'm just pissed that I have this (essentially) useless adapter. To anyone reading this page do NOT get the adapter.

  38. OK- first time VW owner with his first IPOD.
    I have a 2006 Jetta TDI.

    If I decide to install an aftermarket adapter (such as those Matthew has specified from crutchfield abive) how do I determine the manufacturer of my stereo?

    Once I do, is it really as easy as ordering one of those adapters and patching from the glovebox to the IPOD?


  39. Hi all,

    I've just bought the VW Ipod adapter with my new Skoda Octavia. I was pretty disappointed with the lack of ID3 information, but I'm experiencing some more serious problem. Very bad sound quality! It is especially the voices of the artists that sucks, its like their voices are played at a lower volume level. It is like the music is played in an empty factory building, its got this hollow ring.

    Anyone else experiencing this?

  40. Guys check these links...

    I haven't tried the VW iPod adapter HACK but i'll try it later today...


  41. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Yes VW Original iPod Adapter Hack Work$$$$

    1) Turn on your VW and your RCDXXX stereo
    2) Turn off your iPod (of course your iPod is unplugged)
    3) Connect your iPod to the jack and after half a second only... when the iPod almost starts... turn it off by pressing the Play button... (keep pressing!!)
    -> Don't wait until you see the VW logo on your iPod screen..because it locks...

    4) Now..Turn on your iPod again.. and go to Menu... as you can see you have full access to your iPod...

    😛 😛 😛

  42. I have to say that the hack works fine for my Jetta 2007 TSi (RCD 300) + iPod nano 4GB + Original VW iPod adaptor..

  43. I apparently have the second generation VW iPod adapter. It's too quick for me in my 2007 Jetta. I plug the adapter in and before I'm able to turn my iPod off, the VW logo appears. 😥
    Did I mention that I hate my adapter?

  44. The Ipod adapter hack works on my golf,but does this hack damage the HU or ipod in anyway?

  45. Just also got 'taken' by the iPod adapter. Readily admit one should do a bit more research before buying these things, but it also seems to me that if your website's description of the device is something as brief and simple as 'your iPod is personal audio technology at its most advanced. This allows you to share it with your Passat' then maybe I should be able to naively expect the 150$ adapter not to break my iPod for me. I mean, seriously, 5 pre-programmed playlists? Also, I just took a flashlight out to my (2007 Passat Wagon) car and can't seem to find the auxiliary adapter that is supposed to come standard in my glove box. Any thoughts?

  46. Lots of feedback here, most negative. Does anyone have a 2006 GLI with the NAV unit? If so do all of these problems apply to my car too? Thanks !

  47. I had the iPod adapter installed on my 07 Rabbit without doing much research. I guess I took it for granted that VW and Apple had yet to let me down. (I got my first Apple in the 5th grade and my family has owned VWs all my life). I pretty much hate this iPod adapter, but what can I do? I've tolerated its quirks but my biggest concern is that for a week now (I've had my car since June), my 60G Video iPod crashes anytime I try to use it outside the car or connect it to my MacBook. I tried my husband's older U2 iPod and it is even worse. It crashes anytime I attempt to use it period. Neither iPods had any problems with crashes prior to use in my car. I am frustrated and a little sad. I know it's just an iPod, but I am so used to to VW and Apple exceeding my expectations. This is such a bummer.

  48. i don't know if anyone's talked about this--

    i just bought a 2007 jetta yesterday, and i was looking into the iPod adapter before i signed the papers and they told me it was possible, but that it does not install into the center console (which is what i wanted). i call VW customer service and TWO of their customer service representatives tell me that it DOES install into the center console for the 2007 jetta. my dealership was telling me i was wrong and that it only installs into the glove box. how inconvenient is that?

    now that i had confirmed that it DOES install into the center console (new for the 2007 jettas and rabbits) i told my dealer i wanted one. my dealer proceeds to call me back and tell me it CAN NOT be installed. i tell him that two people at VW customer service just explained to me that it CAN. i call the VW customer service back only to find that my jetta, the Wolfsburg edition, has a different stereo system that is NOT compatible with the iPod adapter.

    a warm "thanks for nothing" to my dealership and VW. researching these kinds of things is simple, but VW can do better than this.

    a solution i'm looking into that is based out of Atlanta:

    (the above was recommended to me after i called the dealership in atlanta explaining to them what i wanted and telling them how absolutely clueless my dealership is here in Virginia. i go to university in atlanta and spend summers in Virginia, so no one is confused)

  49. Hi Everyone

    My Dad has just bought an 07 Jetta TDI. I am a bit concerned now about this Ipod adapter installation. We have got the car now but due to some reason the ipod adapter was not installed. But also we got it for free. So during sometime this week the adapter will be installed at the VW service centre.

    I want to know if its better to decided on cancelling this free adapter installation because of what I've heard its pretty bad. I want to play my songs interfacing with the ipod itself not the CD player controls. Im mainly interested in playing shuffle on my nano ipod not selected songs in my playlist. I thought you could do this and now im imagining it would be frustrating for the songs I want to play since you cant touch your ipod when its inside the back compartment.

    Could someone please tell me about the other ipod connections you could purcahse in retail stores? I would think buying an ipod adapter that connects to the cigarette lighter and having the ipod layed in the little storage compartment or under the handbrake would be the best place. Are there any differences between these two connections? Will this product make me able to select my songs in the Ipod, not the CD controls?

    Much appreciated. Thank you

  50. Friday I received a card from my dealer offering a free multi-point Vehicle Inspection for my '06 New Beetle. When I was looking the card over, I noticed they were also offering 10 percent off any dealer purchased genuine Volkswagen accessory, one of which is the iPod adaptors.

    I decided to Goggle some information on this adaptor and am very glad I found this forum before I called the VW service department.

    It sounds way too expensive for what is offered. I have the power plug-transmit-to-FM radio solution right now. Unless the battery is low on my iPod, I usually don't even seat it in the adaptor. I use a little cord to plug it into the iPod and put the iPod on the passenger's seat. I play audio books or podcasts, and I like to check on what chapter I'm on when stopped at lights.

    It would drive me crazy if the iPod were stuck in the glove box. I guess I was assuming (yes, always a bad thing to do) that the adaptor and iPod somehow were on the outside of the radio/CD unit or at least underneath it.

    I guess I'm just going to stick to the power plug! Too bad VW didn't come up with something that was more elegant and functional.


  51. I can't find the iPod adapter anywhere. It hasn't been on the VW site for a while and when I asked the dealership about it they just mentioned the MP3 input in the glove box.

    I just bought an '07 Jetta Wolfsburg, so I guess all I can use is the MP3 input? I thought I read somewhere else that VW is coming out with a new iPod adapter in October. I am guessing it will incorporate the new iPhone, so maybe there will be improvements. Until then I guess I'll use the 3.5mm MPC jack in the glovebox.

    Oh, and I went to the 2point5 site and they didn't have anything for the 2007s.

  52. the website doesn't have anything listed for 2007, but i called and e-mailed them and they said that they could install the dock that would both play and charge my iPod. unfortunately for most this only solves the problem if you are in the atlanta area. the auxiliary jack gives good sound, and i have a charge from the FM transmitter i used in my last car, so between those two i can at least enjoy my music. i'd like to know more about the "new iPod adapter" that VW is coming out with in october, and if it's different than the one we've been discussing. i have a feeling it may not be...

  53. [quote comment="42221"]Hi all,

    I've just bought the VW Ipod adapter with my new Skoda Octavia. I was pretty disappointed with the lack of ID3 information, but I'm experiencing some more serious problem. Very bad sound quality! It is especially the voices of the artists that sucks, its like their voices are played at a lower volume level. It is like the music is played in an empty factory building, its got this hollow ring.

    Anyone else experiencing this?[/quote]

    Hi Mads

    Think I may be having a similar problem, the backing music seems louder and sharper than the vocals in some cases. Have you figured out the problem?

  54. I have a 2006 VW Beetle. Why can't I just use a wire to plug iPod into guitar input??

  55. Hello Everyone

    Just to let you guys know I did cancel my VW ipod installation and so I then purchased for an aftermarket ipod adapter. I work in a Mazda dealership and I asked one of the salesmen who does their ipods etc. So I got him to install it and yeh, the ipod adapter works the way I want it to be! I can choose my songs from the ipod and it operates too with also the arrow console buttons in shuffle mode. The sound quality is just as good as the CD quality, playing between tracks is not delayed and it also charges itself.

    The only downside is that the track names are only displayed with its number on the display screen, its only the ipod you can see what song your playing, the cable comes out of the glovebox so if you want to close it with the ipod out you have to fiddle around closing it and lastly it cost $350. Compared with the VW adapter it was $180. But it was definently worth it. Because of this forum, I wouldnt of decided to cancel VW installing the ipod for me and so I thank you guys for all your acknowledgements for this issue. Im really glad I got it and driving has never been so enjoyable.

    Anyway Im going to put the car in the cardomain website soon so if you want to see it, Ill let you guys know. All I could say is its a red spice TDI Jetta with Audi 18inch S8 rims with lowered suspension. It looks stunning! So yeh, all the best to everyone.

  56. I have an '01 New Beetle with the ipod adaptor. Since it's in the glovebox, the lack of tags or ability to control it via the quick wheel isn't as annoying to me as it seems to be to other posters.

    However, my problem is a bit different: after a year of use, every time my little bug hits a bump in the road, the stereo drops the ipod. The screen flashes "no CD" or "CD err," and jumps back to the radio.

    My local VW dealer is pretty incompetent, so they claim All Is Well with the car, the radio, the adaptor, and the electrical. I've tried fixing electrical tape over the cable connector, thinking that maybe the cable was coming loose at the bumps, but it's holding together, leading me to think it's some kind of bizarro connection issue...

    Is anyone else having problems like this?

  57. hello all,

    i have an 04 jetta tdi. anyone know if there is a 1/8" jack hidden in my glovebox? all this adapter talk has my head spinning!! i just want to plug in my ipod like i would in any other stereo w/ an aux jack in the faceplate. i can use the ipod itself to select my music.


  58. [quote comment="43192"]I have a 2006 VW Beetle. Why can't I just use a wire to plug iPod into guitar input??[/quote]

    For the price of the cable, we plug our iPod in the Aux. Guitar Input, and it works great. After reading all the stuff about adapters, etc. this is the best way for $4.99. But opinions may vary.

  59. I at first thought the glovebox auxiliary jack would be the best, cheapest, and easiest solution. I just got tired of having a cable coming out of my glove box, dangling over my passengers feet. Also, the cable is just a bit too large (diameter wise) to have the glove box shut without pinching the cable and whatnot. I am a frequent song-changer/skipper and I haven't learned the art of playlists yet (I'm just too ADD with my music) so I had to have my iPod closer to me so that I could manipulate it by hand.

    And just as a follow up... the people ( that I mentioned above worked out great. I was in and out in about an hour, and it's conveniently (for me) located in Tucker, GA (Atlanta). It cost me about $135, and they install a generously lengthy cable, so you can hand your iPod off to friends in the back to let them DJ while you drive 😀 .

  60. In the 2006 Beetle, the Guitar Plug (aux) is NOT in the glove box. It is near the center console, easily accessible by the driver, passenger, or back seat driver. Works super great with a 3' cord. Cost $5.00, Installation is as fast as you can plug your iPod in.

    P.S. a lot of the posters here are dealers, and installers. WATCH OUT, do the research before spending your hard earned money on their garbage.

  61. [quote comment="37906"]I purchased the iPod adapter for my 2007 Passat - this has got to be the worst accessory for iPod that I have seen.

    Take my advice and DO NOT purchase it!!![/quote]

    But how did you make the playlist, i tired to arrange for playlist and it is not working at all

  62. Thanks for saviing me a few hundred bucks on an iPod adapter. I have a 2006 Jetta TDI. I'll look for the 1/8" cable socket and opt for a $3 cable connection, maybe I'll spend $15 and get a Monster brand cable, either way I save a ton of money. Research your options before you pull the trigger.

  63. Thank God I found this site. I just bought a 2008 GTI and luckly had a misunderstanding with the salesman about how the adaptor worked and did not get the ipod adaptor installed. From what I gather the adaptor pretty much just charges you ipod. $200 is a lot to pay for a charger. I love my VW and I do not mind the AUX jack in the glove box. The car is a hell of a lot of fun with or without the adaptor. Thanks

  64. So I just bought a jetta4 days ago. My first vw. The salesman failed to explain to me...and I didn;t care, at the time, about the ipod adapter inside the center armrest Now that I do have the car..and I do own an ipod, i figured since I paid for it, I might as well use it. Well the problem is...I dropped in my ipod mini...and nothing! I do have an 2008 Jetta SE, this means it comes with SAT radio 6 cd changer and 10 speakers, don't know if that helps. Is it that I can't use an Ipod Mini, only an Ipod? Or am I supposed to od more than drop in my Ipod Mini into the docking station? What am I not doing?

  65. 😕 i paid 440 dollars !!! yesterday to have an ipod adapter installed at the VW dealer. I was like, hey i'm here for my 100 dollar oil change (i'm such a sucker) do you guys have like, an ipod adapter? and the guy is like, yeah it's really great, costs 440 to install... and i'm like ,sheet that's a lot.. but it probably rules, if VW does it... no description on product, i blindly went for it.

    I've been using a FM transmitter... and that is useless (i have an iPhone, so i have to turn off phone functionality or i get rediculous feedback from the GSM... but even then too much static and sound quality is crap). I am very happy with the sound quality of the ipod adapter, but the fact that i cant just use my phone to navigate tracks really sucks... i cant just find a cd on my ipod and play it REALLY limits the practical functionality... soooo not worth the price... but i've got it now. PS there's NO 1/8" jack in my glove box (07 Passat Wagon) even though the dealer said there was when i bought it... i would have just used that...

  66. There are a lot of you talking about a solution that sits in the glove box but I cant find anything along those lines here. What VW are offering is a solution that fits into the centre console as an alternative to the 6 CD changer.

    I assume that as it also hooks up to the 6 CD changer at the back of the radio it will have exactly the same issues as the rest of you have experienced other than the ipod is held in place?

  67. Hi all,

    😯 bummer i didn't find this site earlier!! i just bought a 07 TDI Jetta.....great car but absolutely crap ipod adapter! i used it for the first time today and it crashed my ipod completely (until the battery died this evening and i had to recharge it and reset it on my pc!) after trying to fiddle through the playlist on the stereo controls.

    The worst is yet to come:
    1. You have to find the time to set 5 playlists on your ipod (which needs to include all your songs) because the stereo will only play out of the five playlists before you hear all your favourites.
    2. it jumps ever so slowly from song to song when you select a different song.
    3. You have NO idea which song is playing (unless you plan to look at your ipod which is in the glovebox everytime a song changes).
    4. YOU have no control of the Ipod at all!!

    lucky for me they threw it in as part of the purchase price (i really haggled them to the finish line) but in retrospect i would've opted for tinting or paint protection which i had to pay for anyway!
    i have decided that i will not use it again since it crashed the ipod so badly (don't want to even contemplate damaging my ipod's HU and lose all my music) even though it is installed, will look into purchasing an RCA jack and ipod charger so i actually have control of what is playing.
    very, very dissapointing considering that VW make such great cars. my advice....don't waste your time or money, look up at all the posts above and go from there.
    good luck to all and happy new year.

  68. Hey everyone

    Ive got an 07 Jetta TDI. I did however order a VW ipod adapter and by the time the car arrived the manager told me it was not installed yet. So after that slight disappointment I knew for a fact that it was okay for this mishap. I was quite glad the adapter wasnt installed having known about the many complaints forumed in that website. So yeh I told my Dad I didnt want their ipod anymore and I planned on getting an aftermarket adapter installed from work. I work for Mazda anyway as a detailer and I talked to one of the salesman and he gave me a number to the person who does this job for their cars. So yeh, everyone should consider an aftermarket ipod adapter instead from a genuine manufacturer. One thing for certain I was not happy with the price to install it. It cost $350! But of course the adapter had everything I wanted it with.

    * The sound quality is just as good from a CD

    * Im able to select my songs using the ipod

    * It also charges

    * I can also use the select arrow buttons on the central console to move to the next song. I usually have my ipod set in shuffle mode and skip songs.

    * There is no display in the screen on the console only unknown track numbers and play time. Its all displayed in the ipod.

    Anyway have a look at the car in my cardomain website

    Have a great happy new year everyone!

  69. Hi!

    I was researching the VW iPod adaptor tonight- I'm so glad I stumbled upon this site!

    My question is, is there an auxiliry jack in the glovebox of my 2007 Jetta 2.5? I'd go out and look for it now, but it snowed during the day and it's a bit chilly...

    And: if there is one, what's the best product to use with the jack and the ipod?

    (As you can tell, I'm pretty much clueless when it comes to anything auto or technology-related! 😆 )

    Thanks in advance!

    ~Chelsea 😆

  70. Wow, I love the passion on this topic! 🙂

    Here's the one thing to remember when you're weighing up installing the factory/dealer/VW blessed version of the iPod adaptor vs other options. Today, it's true that it completely sucks that you can't manipulate your iPod via the stereo display. However, there's nothing stopping VW from eventually creating a software update to their car stereo systems that would change that. Negative feedback from sites like this may help.

    So, next time you go to the dealer they'll say "Oh, you have the iPod adaptor? We're going to update the software for your stereo so it'll now" blah blah.

    I have the 2008 GTI (which, like those above, I am so giddy happy with I think that's why I'm not too bent out of shape on the iPod issue 😉 I was disappointed with the functionality but got it anyways as I used the glovebox trick with my BMW X3 and knew how old it gets fast and hope/figure they'll update the stereo system software soon.

    Remember, technology changes very slowly in the auto world vs computer/personal devices landscape so don't be too harsh on VW (although a little harsh is fine because it's less than ideal solution)

  71. I have a 07 rabbit and have been trying to find a good solution from a 3rd party since my car salesman told me to not waste my money with the VW version (Yes, I was stocked by this experience as well.) Anyways, after much research and reading everyone's comments, I decided to purchase the $5 cable from Radio Shack to use with my AUX in/out port and it works wonderfully. I would totally recommend it to anyone with a new VW. It is cheap and doesn't require any installation. And now my rabbit is prefect!

    Thanks for everyone's comments and feedback. It really helped.

  72. [quote comment="45120"]Remember, technology changes very slowly in the auto world vs computer/personal devices landscape so don't be too harsh on VW (although a little harsh is fine because it's less than ideal solution)[/quote]

    You're not kidding. It took VW until 2003 to put a bloody CD player in their cars ! Hell even lowly Chevrolet had them 5 yrs prior.

    If I am reading this correctly, the instructions in my manual for my 2006 Jetta TDI are complete bunk? I bought an iPod because I was tired of not being able to control my Creative Vision M thru the stereo controls.

    Isn't there some sort of cable I can buy that goes from the Apple connector to the iPod port in the glove box?

  73. ❓
    I have a 05.5 New Jetta...which i've searched the car over for a AUX input jack. but I think it wasn't til 2006 that they started installing them, even though mine is the new body style. Does anyone know if an AUX cord can be plugged into the back of the radio? should I go to that much trouble? the FM transmitter is aggrivating.


  74. [quote comment="45237"]:?:
    I have a 05.5 New Jetta...which i've searched the car over for a AUX input jack. but I think it wasn't til 2006 that they started installing them, even though mine is the new body style. Does anyone know if an AUX cord can be plugged into the back of the radio? should I go to that much trouble? the FM transmitter is aggrivating.


    ^^^ Prior to my 06TDi, I had an o3 TDi.
    I'm sure you have the same stereo, with CD and cassette.
    I too loathed the FM transmitter , which may work like a charm in smaller radio markets, but in larger cities, its damned hard to find a free frequency.

    The least invasive solution was to get a cassette adaptor, that plugs into the headphone jack. You won't get to use steering wheel or stereo controls (other than volume and mute) but you'll be able to get your music easily and no more annoying static.

    Belkin makes a very good white unit to match Ipod, they are about $20-30. There are some cheaper ones out there, but I found they didn't stand up.

    After a few months of play, you may hear some clicking in the gears of the cassette, just take it out and drop a few drops of vegetable oil on the gears and that makes it quiet again.

    My wife uses this same adaptor in her Infiniti coupe.
    Hope that helps.

  75. Well mine has the XM Radio/6disc CD changer, but I don't have a cassette player. I was just wondering if the dealer could hook the aux cable to the back of the radio or something? I have an uncle that owns a radio shack so maybe I could take it and let him look at it one day.

    Thanks for the help though!

  76. I have a 2005 Beetle and am fortunate enough to have the jack in the center console and I also have a tiny 12" cable so it's a neat little system.

    My problem is when I play the iPod, the volume is way lower than the CD player would play a CD or the radio (I have the volume on the iPod up full so it's not user error). This also means I have to listen to static and engine noise.

    My local VW place says "this is normal", but I'm not convinced. I phoned VW and the pleasant, but airheaded technical support couldn't answer my question (she also had the "too bad so sad" mentality that someone above mentioned).

    Anyone else experienced this?

    I should mention that the jack has come loose when going over speedbumps also and the dealership has fixed that problem.

  77. Just bought a 2008 Touareg...didn't get the navigation package so it doesn't come with the auxilary jack in the center console. Is there a separate aux jack I don't know about? Also, does anyone know if they can install an aux jack in the console? If anyone can email me, I would appreciate it.

  78. Jeremy...have a look in the glove compartment, top right.
    Where a light would normally be.
    They replaced the light with an AUX jack.

    No u have ipod connection but sadly, no glove comparmtnet light.

  79. i looked in the glove compartment and i actually have a light and no AUX jack. the manual says i have to get the nav package to get the AUX you know if the AUX jack can be installed in the console?

  80. Has anyone noticed that the new 'Classic' style ipods do not actually fit in the centre console docking station snuggly?

    I have a 2007 Golf. I asked the guy in the ipod store "if I get a new style ipod classic which is slimmer than the original, will it still fit in my 07 plate Golf?". He advised the new 80GB is the same size as the old 30GB. I checked the VW manual and it suggested the 30GB was compatible with the dock.

    When I purchased the new ipod classic - it turns out is does not fit ideally (lots of movement).

    Anyone had this problem? Any suggestions?

  81. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for getting a new head unit for my 06' Passat. After reading over all of your suggestions, i def do not want to get a ipod adaptor from VW now.

    What i am looking for is a head unit that can play my ipod, blue tooth capable and xm radio.

    any thoughts?

    1. Check Best Buy...they have a bunch of great stereo units (pretty inexpensive) but they charge 50 bucks for installation. They have systems with bluetooth, usb cable & aux port for around $120.

  82. If you purchase a Dice Electronics adaptor that plugs into the 6 disc changer 12 pin that allows the ipod to be controlled from the Passat OEM stereo, then couldn't you just keep the ipod in the glove compartment and not have to have a wire hanging out? Basically you'd only have to open the glove compartment to turn the ipod on and off... from at least what I understand. Any thoughts?

  83. after reading all these comments i will avoid the VW apater at all costs. Its £105 in my local dealer in the UK.

    I have found this for £39.99 for an RCD500 stereo..

    Anybody got experience with it?

    i have a jetta 2.0 ltr sport 56 plate (2006 model)

    FM transmitters are total crud. 🙁

    trying to find a solution.. all i want is and aux in or a 3.5mm jack for my ipod to connect to! no steering wheel controls in my car!

  84. So, is there a better price that VW should charge for their unit or should they not offer it at all in its current state? What would people pay for it as is?

  85. I recently had the ipod adapter installed in my 2007 jetta and the sound quality is horrible. Lots of humming and feedback. I took it in for service and they changed it out and it is still doing the same thing. Does anyone know why this would be?

  86. I would like to thank all of you for voicing your experiences with the vw i-pod adapter. I think I'll just avoid it and keep using the 5-disc in-dash changer the old fashion way.

  87. I just had the vw ipod adapter put in my 2006 Passat. NIGHTMARE.
    I have the Navagation System with the Dynaudo stereo. Although the VW accessories manual says that the Nav System has multi inputs and the install won't affect the CD player it does... the manual must not mean the older model cars. Bottom line, the CD changer had to come out and you access the ipod from the CD screen, not AUX. After an all day install I get my car and the Satellite radio has no audio! It is receiving the signal, and you can see the songs and artists that are broadcasting, but no audio. XM radio says the problem is with VW. I'm receiving the signal or I wouldn't see the songs/artists. VW is stumped the car has to go back to the shop Monday. Does anyone know what they did wrong? Any advice at all?

  88. Thanks... I will give this a try. I'll do it for my iPod but will it work on the iPod portion of an iPhone? Probably not, right? Thanks though at least I will be able to control the regular iPod.

  89. The solution works for the software ipod player (called MobileMusicPlayer) of the iPhone & iTouch.

    This solution doesn't work for any other series of ipod (e.g. nano, shuffle,mini, etc).

  90. I have 08 GTi and iPhone plugs straight in to center console VW adaptor. I assume the above is for glovebox based adaptors only?

  91. Justin the solution is for this adaptor:

  92. I had the same problem with my 08 jetta. The ipod adaptor is counterintuitive and counterproductive. Once plugged in you cannot access anything on your ipod unless you disconnect it. In addition, the existing aux jack is disabled so you can't go back to using it as an auxilliary device. The best solution for this car is to simply use the aux jack and play your ipod through the stereo. You can scroll through your ipod and select playlists as you choose. As far as charging the ipod is concerned,you can buy a charger for $7.99 to keep the unit charged as you wish. VW ipod adaptor is superfluous!

  93. Hi all,

    More bad news about VW ipod adapters.

    We just leased a '08 passat wagon that has the adapter built into the glove compartment. Needless to say it has the same lack of display issues that many of you mention. Lack of control over songs, or being forced to use playlists sucks!

    Even better, you may wonder???? scratches the $%@# out of your ipod face!

    Apparently they designed the docking station to work with the various inserts they provide for the nano, etc. They include "shims" that are supposed to take up the space for full size ipods, but they don't work too well in keeping the ipod level while inserting it.

    If you aren't as careful as a neurosurgeon, your ipod will nose dive slightly resulting in the scratches. Both my (brand freakin' new aluminum classic version!) and my wifes got scratched.

    They would have been better off making carriers for all versions that would hold each player tight, and protect it simultaneously. From the looks of it, the other sized ipods shouldn't get scratched as they fit in the provided inserts (and would hence be protected while inserting into the docking station.

  94. with the RCA input is the cord just gunna stick out of the glove or is there a grove to fit the cable into?

  95. So I just bought a 2008 Jetta that has the aux jack in the center console. How do I use it? My dealer gave me the $15 cord to connect the ipod and the aux jack but I'm not getting any sound. Shouldn't it be that simple? 😕

  96. [quote comment="48232"]So I just bought a 2008 Jetta that has the aux jack in the center console. How do I use it? My dealer gave me the $15 cord to connect the ipod and the aux jack but I'm not getting any sound. Shouldn't it be that simple?



    Plug in your iPod to stereo, using center console aux plug. Push the "aux" button on the stereo. You have to turn the radio up loader than usual to hear your iPod. Use your iPod like normal. Make sure you turn down radio before going back to "FM" or "CD."

    Good luck. Have a GREAT 4th.

  97. [quote comment="48239"]Plug in your iPod to stereo, using center console aux plug. Push the "aux" button on the stereo. You have to turn the radio up loader than usual to hear your iPod. Use your iPod like normal. Make sure you turn down radio before going back to "FM" or "CD."[/quote]

    Thanks Mike.. However, I don't have an "aux" button on my stereo... I have CD, FM, AM, and SAT... But no AUX... Any other thoughts?

  98. [quote comment="48239"]

    Plug in your iPod to stereo, using center console aux plug. Push the "aux" button on the stereo. You have to turn the radio up loader than usual to hear your iPod. Use your iPod like normal. Make sure you turn down radio before going back to "FM" or "CD."

    Good luck. Have a GREAT 4th.[/quote]
    Actually you should NOT be cranking your car stereo, you should be adjusting your iPod's volume to its max.

  99. [quote comment="48311"]
    Thanks Mike.. However, I don't have an "aux" button on my stereo... I have CD, FM, AM, and SAT... But no AUX... Any other thoughts?[/quote]
    Press your CD button twice to switch to AUX.

  100. On the dealer installed iPod adapter on the GTi it's the "CD" button.

  101. [quote comment="42905"]Think I may be having a similar problem, the backing music seems louder and sharper than the vocals in some cases. Have you figured out the problem?[/quote]

    I have the exact same problem with a Touran '07, RCD300 and standard speakers in France. I tested with several iPods and several file types. I found that I have the problem with mp3 self-encoded files, but not AAC files downloaded from ITS. Still investigating but anyone have tested this around ?

  102. I recently purchased a 2008 EOS. I have a center consule ipod adaptor. Does anyone know how to play a playlist (1-5) completly thru. When I play playlist 1, it plays songs 1-99 and then starts over. The playlist has 1200 songs. Another words it seems to only work with 100 songs in a playlist. Is this true? Any Idea's? Thanks

  103. I'm was super happy about my IPOD adapter installed by myself last spring VW GOLF 4 > Radio Gamma > 30GB iPod.

    Just the other day when i tried to acces the Ipod the connection did not work anymore, so now I going to use some time to troubleshut

    Mike>> It should be possible to access all 1200 number, but display shows only 99... then when U press next again, then it says 1 for song100 and 99 for song198....

  104. I have a 2007 Golf Match with an integrated ipod connection in the middle arm rest. My 6th Gen iPod classic turns on when plugged in but does not seem to connect to the radio. Has this happened to anyone?

  105. Did you push the iPod or Aux. button on the stereo? Sometimes you have to turn the volume up higher than FM or CD mode.

    Just a thought.

    Good LUCK.

  106. Had the same problem, had it replaced now my ipod gets super hot after 5 minutes of use. Time for another solution!

  107. Hi Everyone,
    I would urge anyone thinking about having the VW ipod adapter installed not to do it. Ever since I had mine installed, one of my speakers has not been working, all that is coming out of it is fuzz. VW told me I had blown a speaker and it was not in any way associated with the adapter. I did not believe that for one minute. I kept asking them if there have been any issues with the adapters and they kept telling me no. They replaced the speaker, and tried to charge me $175 for it. After they replaced it, the speaker kept doing the same thing (obviously not blown). After much arguing and complaining on my part (this is unacceptable), they are now telling me they have actually had a lot of problems with the ipod adapters, and that they are willing to take mine out and give me my money back. Meanwhile, my ipod has crashed while being used in the adapter, and won't restart. Just don't do it!!!

    Question for Eric...Do you work for VW? Your answers seem very one-sided. Also, I would expect purchasing an item from a "reputable" company should allow me some comfort in quality and service. Not so. After they way I've been treated by VW, I would not buy another car from them. Its not because of an ipod adapter, its because of the manner in which they are handling the problem. You can't argue with that, Eric.

  108. I have to agree with Chris--stay away from the adapter!

    Since my posting last year, my stereo/radio has had more and more problems, most of them happening while the iPod adapter is in use, or immediately after use. Now, my radio station will become "stuck" once the iPod has been played--even one single song on the iPod seems to cause this--and I can't change the radio station for a good 2-4 minutes after disengaging the iPod iteself. I also can't turn on the radio with the iPod connected, as the radio won't turn on.

    Of course, my VW "service" department claims that it has nothing to do with the adapter, but since the adapter is connected to the iPod in every instance, I find that hard to believe.

    This Beetle will be the first--and LAST--VW I ever own. My experience with the lack of honesty and assistance from VW and their so-called service team has really soured me on the brand altogether.

  109. Chris and HH:

    This forum prevented me from buying an adapter, and getting the $5.00 cable, and go through the aux plug. There are a lot of people in this world that will rip you off. Some have found this forum.

    EXCELLENT posts. Keep up the GOOD work.

    Best Regards,


  110. [quote comment="49660"]Hi Everyone,
    I would urge anyone thinking about having the VW ipod adapter installed not to do it. Ever since I had mine installed, one of my speakers has not been working, all that is coming out of it is fuzz.[/quote]
    I was sooo in love with my Passat's DynAudio/Navagation system. How much did I love it... so much that I was willing to ignore the fact that I had to visit the dealership nearly every month during the four years I had the car. In the middle of that time I installed the iPod adapter and YOU ARE RIGHT. The sound quality began to deteriorate. The system was so crisp and flawless before the iPod. When I complained to VW, they said they couldn't hear anything. When I saw the nearly 2 inch stack of work orders that I had generated in four years, just for electronic crap, I had a meltdown and traded the car in for a BMW! It's perfect and I never, ever have to go back to the dealership unless it's for an oil change... and they pay for that!

  111. 🙁
    Dont waste your money! I had the ipod connector fitted at cost of £150 approx to my VW Jetta i was looking forward to using it with my ipod NANO. As it has 80 gb and currently about 3000 tunes on it.
    BUT the connector is absolutely CRAP and dont waste your money. As per earlier comments you can only access 6 folders and there is no display so you have to flick each and every song for your best ones! And when you stop the car it starts from no 1 again.
    Its NOT integrated as suggested by the sales rep (they no longer want to know - as they have had ther monet and commision- My dealer is in LEICESTER)
    Spoke with sales and simply refer to service centre for advice and assistance. Even their service department know that it is not fully integrated but they continue to sell this as a VW product.
    Dont BUY this under any circumatances as you will waste your money. I wish if i had done my research before!
    Check this states shows items playing and able to control the unit!

    Also visited ipod APPLE store. They have a cigar lighter unit for fractgion of price and you can atleast control the unit and choose your favourites (passenger can do this when moving!)

    Cheaper to convert your songs into mp3 onto some cds and play through cd unit (if supports mp3)

    Take care dont get fooled like i did.

    PS Spoke with VW UK but they too referred me to supplier who really wasnt interested....

  112. 🙂 I just installed an iPod adapter from in my 2007 Rabbit. I highly recommend these over the VW supplied adapters.(judging by all the negative feedback on these.) It was simple to install myself and it sounds great! I have full function of the ipod while connected as well as being able to rew or ff tracks from the radio itself. my particular radio doesn't support the id tags, however I understand that on the radios equipped with SAT or NAV they do.

    Again, well worth the money!! (about $200)

  113. With the Recession/Depression Method (RDM) you buy a cord for $5.00, plug it into the "aux" input plug. BAM you got your own music for LESS.

    Do YOUR research FIRST, before purchasing any iPod kit. This is a GREAT site to start.

    Good Luck To ALL.

  114. Just adding to the "VW OEM iPod adapter SUCKS" replies.
    I paid $200 extra to have it in my 2008 VW Passat. What a piece of garbage. The AUX input was free and I would've been much happier with it. Now, I'm without an AUX input and have a P.O.S. iPod adapter that is just about useless. I even tried calling VWoA to get my $200 refunded and they told me to go through the dealership. Ugh.

  115. I have a 2008 VW Jetta and I had the Ipod adapter installed in my car when I first got it. Turns out that I upgrade my Ipod for a the new Ipod touch and guess what??
    The Ipod adapter does not work with the Ipod Touch. Very sad.
    Does anyone have this problem? I don't know what to do. It's very frustrating not being able to use something that I had to pay extra to have.


    1. Cindy, I have a 2009 Jetta TDI with factory dock and my ITouch does work if you can get it in. The problem is that the slot is very tight for the ITouch and you have to aim it exactly right to get it connected (very frustrating) but once it's connected, it works. It's also wobbly in there. I'm searching for a dock extension cord but most don't work with the factory dock.

  116. i have a 2007 jetta with the aux cable in the glove compartment. i bought the griffin aux cable to connect to my ipod touch but i dont know how to get the music through the stereo speakers..can anyone help me out... there's nothing in the manuals

  117. I have a factory installed ipod adapter in the console of my 2008 GTI. It worked great for awhile and then stopped working. True, I could not manipulate through tracks well, but it seemed to play everything on my iPhone (1st gen). It seems that after I began installing the Apple updates onto the iPhone that things went awry. Now the sound syst does not recognize the device at all (Is Airplane mode important?). Additionally the Satellite radio has developed the dreaded "No Sat Radio" response.
    I have an appt at the vw service center tomorrow and I'll see if they know anything.
    Like many of you, I really like driving the GTI and am willing to overlook music selection problems. BTW, I have found the service folks to be really quick and honest at both the stations I have gone to in IL and IA.

  118. Jay:

    Check the wiring for chaffing and make sure all plugs have good connections behind the sound units.

    Good luck...

  119. I have a 09 passat with a aux in armrest and media in the glovebox. i cant use my 3rd gen ipod on the nav. system. it has to be aleast 4th gen which is bs! is there any way it can be adapted ?

  120. I like so many others here didn't fully research the iPod adapter prior to install.. For some reason I chose to believe VW's marketing material which clearly states (among other "features"):

    -- access up to 250 playlists
    -- artist name is visually displayed - up to 16 characters - on radio interface
    -- song name, also up to 16 characters, appears on radio
    -- playlist name is also shown, up to 8 characters

    However, my experience has been less than stellar as so many others here have commented... I'm limited to the first 5 playlists, no artist or song name info, etc. Just frustrated about the whole situation...

    Erik, thanks for letting me vent.. I appreciate the forum... Just wish I'd read your blog before I bought it and had it installed...

  121. Just bought one today for my 2008 Golf V TDi (roughly $200). Very disappointed. I see the problem was first blogged about on 3 Jan 2006. That's more than 2 friggin years ago, and still no track names! How difficult can it be to just get that info from the iPod to the display? The RCD300 radio can play MP3 CDs and correctly display the info...

  122. So I decided to bite the bullet and get an aux. input installed in my '08 VW Passat.

    Total cost = $300 (parts & labor)

    Too bad I already paid $200+ for the built-in, poo poo iPod adapter. But whatever, well worth the extra $300.... especially those with an iPhone, where you can listen to your Pandora radio channels,, CBS/AOL Radio (radio stations from all over the country), etc.

    Hopefully some folks can learn from my (our) mistake before making a purchase though.

  123. Hi Klip

    How did you get a aux input in the car when you have the Ipod adapter?

    I'm looking to get and aux adapter even if it means to get rid the Ipod this possibe?

    Can you undo the ipod Integration and go back to getting just the aux input , with 6 cd changer and Sat radio?

    1. A local audio shop ordered the part from an aftermarket dealer. I actually just ordered it last week and my install is scheduled for this Friday.

      Part = $150
      Labor = $150

      I'm told the part is a hybrid aux. input and iPod adapter... whatever that means. Either way, well worth the $$$ to me for the reasons I stated above.

      If you plan on doing the same, make sure you tell them the exact year of your car. For example, the part for the '07 Passat was different than the '08 version.

  124. Good idea....Go back to the aux. input. Go ask the kids at the local stereo shop on the how to's. Slip a twenty and they will probably do it for you.

    Good luck!

  125. Thanks for the info guys. I have been trying to figure this thing out since I bought my car in Jan 09. I bought a 06 Jetta and the Ipod adapter was insatalled as part of the deal. I personally asked for a MP3 hook up and I even specifically asked if it was a Ipod or MP3 and I was told MP3 and when I picked up the car it was a Ipod adapter. Anyway they said that that was all they offerd and I did confirm that with VW Corporate. Anyways I personally don't own an Ipod I was trying not to be part of that crowd but now I'm forced. I tried it a few times and I could not figure out how the dame thing worked. Now that I know I will try it again as the atemp was short lived and it's winter. I did get a external XM Radio installed as part of the deal as well because the car was not installed with the diversity anttena. I got the SkyFi3 which is amazing and it comes with a audio input so I can hook up what ever I want, even a Ipod. It also used a 2 gig Micro SD so you can also play MP3 and WMA's as well through the XM Radio. It's the best part of my can and it makes the Ipod adapter useless but whoever I sell this to later will appreciate it.

  126. I have a 2007 VW Beetle and just bought a 4th Generation Ipod NANO - I plug it in via the AUX but the sound is really bad - What do I need to do to make it sound like it does when I listen to it on the computer or via my earphones?

  127. Just a follow-up, I got the aux. output installed in my center console under the arm rest (where the default factory aux. output is installed, for those who smartly choose not to have the factory iPod adapter installed). It's THE absolute greatest.

    I'm able to use iPhone apps like, Pandora radio, CBS radio, MLB at-bat, etc. and listen to it all through my '08 VW Passat's stereo. All while still having my Sirius. Best of both worlds and while I'm bitter that I spent $200+ to get the factory iPod adapter installed with my new car, I'm glad I paid the $250+ to make it right.

  128. I just got a 2009 Jetta TDI with the built-in adaptor. I have a first generation iPod. Among the other problems listed on this group, I've also noticed recently that I need to reset my iPod a lot because it keeps "freezing". Also, sometimes it malfunctions and plays only the first few seconds of a song then skips immediately to another. It does this while docked in the Jetta and at other times as well. Has anyone else experienced these issues? Is this simply a factor of the age of my iPod? Or is the Jetta causing this?

    1. Hi, I have started to get the same problem. Had the glovebox ipod connecter fitted at the dealer a few months back and all was ok till now. The Ipod sometimes juat skips randomly to another song after playing a few seconds. I dont know what the problem is. The ipod screen also displays 'OK to disconnect ' together with the VW logo, I dont know whether thats normal??

  129. Not to beat a dead horse, but to weigh in so that
    1) Someone else does not make the same mistake and
    2) Maybe VW will pay attention to a larger volume of feedback and give us a firmware upgrade to justify the cost

    I LOVE my 2009 Jetta TDI but HATE the fact that the VW iPod adapter is a technological piece of scheisse. Robs the otherwise wonderful car of being complete. Very disappointing.....every time......

  130. [quote comment="52389"]I got a 2009 Jetta with the I-pod adapter and I am hoping it can be removed. No on screen data only plays from 1 of up to 5 playlists in order (no shuffle) I would prefer just having an aux in and control from the ipod.[/quote]

    I just bought a 2009 Jetta TDI with the Ipod dock, and was disappointed at the functionality as well. I would have been happy if I could at least get it to shuffle, but couldn't seem to make it work....until I read in the sound system owner's manual. If you look in the CD functionality there is a place that tells you how to "mix" or shuffle songs. If you go through the steps, it also controls the ipod functions and they shuffle as well! I am not thrilled with not being able to use the Ipod interface functions, but at least I don't have to listen to all of my music in alphabetical order.

  131. hey guys... new to the post. i just got my ipod adapter installed and it had all the same problems you did... but when i was buying my car i saw a flyer with 250 playlists available and id3 tags for all songs.

    i went in yesterday and they had no idea what i was talking about til i should them the flyer i got from them. it is a different part number i guess and they are looking into it. you should be able to see all tracks and playlist name and set up to 250 playlists. it plays through you sat button and you have to take the ipod out in order to play sat. bummer but i can manage.

    i will let you know if and when it is fixed.

  132. this plugs into the cd changer and gives you left/right rca jacks

    simple, but $50

    I'd like one that's a line-in or aux jack, not rca's, anyone seen it?

  133. I too have an iPod dock in my new 2009 Jetta TDi. What I tried to ask at the dealer today, and they were clueless sbout, was that in the Premium Soundsystem manual that came with the car it states that if you have the iPod dock installed then teh aux. input will be moved from the armrest to teh front of the center console. My console does have a small square plastic cover on it but I was afraid to pry it off to see if the aux. input was there - it is very titght. When I asked the dealer about it they tried to tell me my input was in the glovebox - actually I had to tell them that was the airconditioning vent.

    Has anyone read this, and most importantly does anyone else with a new Jetta ave the iPod dock AND the aux. input. If so is it right on the front of the armrest console? The manual has no picture (of course).

  134. Just bought a 2008 EOS, I had no choice, for better or worse (MUCH WORSE) it came with the ipod center console adapter. Terrible!! Ruins what is otherwise the best car I have ever had.

    Doesn't someone make an ipod -to- 1/8" adapter cable that I can plug into the ipod adapter so I can just use the ipod with the 1/8 headphone jack? I guess not...the only buyers would be disgruntled VW owners that own ipods...

  135. I have an 08 Jetta SE with the ipod adapter in the arm rest and my only complaint at this moment is the lack of a shuffle option.

    Is there really no work around or any possibility of a software update if possible? I think this is my main issue at this time.
    I haven't noticed any issues past that although now I'm going to check to see if the iPod turns off when the car does or if it is not selected to play and I also need to check to see if the car charges it while it's connected.

    Any information would be great.

  136. I have an '09 Jetta TDI with an Ipod adapter in the armrest and found a shuffle
    option. My ipod adapter works throught the CD changer and you can set up the CD
    changer to shuffle/mix....I found it in the manual. My ipod turns off when the
    car is off and when I start it back up it starts in the same place it left off.
    It does charge the ipod when the car is running.

    1. Lisa,

      On your '09 Jetta have you noticed if you have a place to plug in an external player on the front of the armrest? The Premium Soundsystem manual states that when the iPod dock is installed there is an aux. input plug on the front of the armrest. I do have a smal black plastic piece on the front of the armrest. But I am nervous about popping it off to check.


  137. Lisa B,

    Thanks a million. I can't believe I didn't think of shuffling that way. As for the rest, I figured but hadn't confirmed.

    Thanks again for your time. Enjoy your Jetta as we have!

  138. I have an 08 jetta s, iPod touch first gen, and currently have a cord plugged into the ipod/ glove box and can play music fine. The problem is that I have to close the glove box. Making it near impossible to change songs while driving. Is this worth it or is there multiple versions of this iPod adapter?

  139. Lisa B,

    tried shuffling but still no go... can't seem to find such a function on the radio. I'm bummed beyond words. If I'm overlooking something feel free to kick me in the ways of radio shuffling.

  140. Have an 09' Jetta TDI & loving it! Also have 2000 Jetta TDI with 162,000 miles.

    Problem connecting Ipod -- it came with factory installed armrest dock. It won't connect to my wife's 2nd gen Nano. VW logo appears then a messsage: OK to disconnect' then screen goes dark. also having problems with Verizon motorola bluetooth. I can get it connected after a number of disconnects; and it won't load my phone directory to the radio. Am beginning to wonder if I have radio issues.

    I hate the Ipod arrangement and would be much happier with a simple aux input especially since I have a Samsung mp3 player -- no way to easily hook it up, unlike my wife's chevy hhr with the aux right on the dash (and most aftermarket radios)

    But can't complain too much since my taxpaying friends gave me $4500 in the government's cash for clunkers deal -- my 1992 explorer, rusted out from 7 years in Anchorage, 2nd engine, lots of cosmetic troubles AND a $1300 TAX CREDIT for the 2009 Jetta TDI!

  141. I have an '09 Polo GTI and chose to get the iPod adapter installed and at first I thought I had been severely ripped off but I have found a way of working it out that enables you to play whatever song, album, playlist whenever you want. I assume it is the same adapter as everyone on this board has also.
    You will not be restricted to just playlists.
    What you do is to pick the song, album, playlist - whatever you want to play on the ipod, and press play. Do this before plugging it in.
    Then plug the ipod into the adapter.
    Then press the CD button on the stereo console and if it is not on CD6 already (it always seems to be for me), then go to the CD6 option.
    It will simply play whatever you have chosen to play.
    If you want to change artists, or playlist or album etc, then unplug the ipod, choose the new songs, press play and plug it back in again.
    It works on an iphone and I've tried it on ipod classic and nano.
    Even when the car is turned off, it will restart whatever you have chosen when you turn it back on.
    Only thing is with the iphone it will display the message on the phone that the adapter is not compatible and ask to put it in airplane mode. Press NO and it will start.
    Not a perfect option, but it does work.

  142. Hey Justin H,

    Yeah, I can confirm what you say is very true. I have tried this myself.

    To Everyone Else with their VW,

    I called VW Head Office, and they didn't seem to care. They said to take it into a dealer, but I insisted to find out if they knew of an upgrade to this issue? Even for them to call me back. but nope, they refused.

    As stated above in many posts, the iPod Adaptor is designed to only play the Top 5 Playlists and the 6th is what the last playlist was played.

    Also, the song names do not appear, as it states in the booklet.

    I complained to VW stating "your brochure did not state there are limiltations to what you can listen to". In other words, they were not honest from the beginning. To charge me $400 AUD (more than the iPod itseld) is rediculous.

    To put the icing of the cake, I was accused by VW for having a non-compatible iPod. Rubbish. I have the 80GB Classic.

    Anyway, I called the dealer I take my car to, and they will get back to me if there is an upgrade because it's starting to really annoy me, especially now that I have 30GB of music on my iPod now.

    I want to be able to choose any playlist I desire, and to show the names of the songs. Is that too much to ask? Sheez. 🙄

    I may take it further if I don't get what I expect, as I was sold a product which does not perform as the MP3 CD Player should (which shows the song names and I can choose a different folder).

    I'm about to copy my music to a CD (create MP3 files) and just play my music off there. Seriously, VW must provide an upgrade to this iPod adaptor. 🙄

    1. Please get on them because I agree they aren't playing fair from the start let alone trying to get those obvious visual control features applied.

  143. So here is my issue. Just bought an '09 Passat that came with the iPod dock installed from the factory. It is in the glovebox with no cable lead. You slide an iPod into the dock, push it up to close it and then close the glove box.
    The sales guy was useless in showing me which of the spacers to use with my 30GB video iPod so I figured it out on my own.
    The iPod works great when the iPod dock compartment is open but when I close it, I lose the left channel of music and then it for some reason disconnects and goes back to playing the radio or sat radio. I have only had the car for one day so I am not sure what to do. I am planning on going back to the dealership tomorrow and have them sort it out.
    Oh, I did get it to work for 20 minutes with the compartment closed and glove box closed but as soon as I hit some bumps on the road, it disconnected again.
    Anyone have any ideas?

  144. Hey guys,
    if you have a VW Radio with SAT button , you can buy on any VW dealer the new ipod adapter.
    It emulates the SAT tuner and is possible to get access to your playlists, see ID3 on the Display and access to shuffle mode.

  145. I just finished a year of living with the VW iPod adapter in an 06 GLI. I've just replaced it with a Dension GW33VC1. I have a Premium 7 head unit with Sirius and no NAV. Here's what I've learned:

    To those not getting the iPod to work when a CD is present, press the CD key again - this switches you to the external 6-CD changer, which the iPod adapter emulates.

    The first 5 buttons play the 1st 5 playlists; having no playlists, I just use preset 6, which gives me everything on the iPod, but with limited control (forward, back, skip either way). And the delay is annoying. Best control is found by constantly unplugging and plugging in the iPod.

    I installed the iPod in the center console, but extended the connection from the adapter; the factory kit includes an 8-pin mini DIN to iPod dock adapter cable ; I ran an extension from the adapter to the center console. Then, I passed the DIN end of the above cable through a grommet so that the connectors were joined in the tunnel but not in the console box itself - bottom line was that the iPod was in the console tethered to about 2 feet of cable so iPod could be easily worked, and set back in console and closed. For the above extension cable, look for a "Power MAC" serial printer cable. It's the above mini DIN-8 male to female.

    If your HU does not have the SAT button, it probably has a MIX button that starts your shuffle mode. If you do have the SAT feature, press and hold down the CD button. That toggles you in and out of shuffle mode. You can fine tune the shuffle mode via the radio menu (press and hold TUNE).

    There seems to be no provision for the artist/title to display on the HU itself. (Aside - by burning CDs in MP3 format and using the ID3 capability to make sure data is present in the .mp3 file, the HU displays that data nicely. There seems to be no ability to display text from external devices, though.) I really like the way you can get more songs + displayable data in MP3 format - I may have to do some major reburning...

    The newer iPod adapter seems to emulate the SAT functionality, so without a retention adapter, this will replace the SAT capability. Good news, if you don't use satellite.

    So, now with the replacement device, the Dension GW33VC1. After backing out the first adapter and installing second, and figuring out how to keep the phone ("steering wheel adapter") working, I have this:

    iPod can be controlled by the radio and steering wheel inputs; big delay after using controls is gone. Station presets select iPod content by (roughly) artist, album, song title, etc. You get the idea - same content, but organized differently according to which "external CD" you select.

    But, biggest differences are:

    Multiple modes of control, either with radio/wheel controls, or you can completely relinquish of control to the iPod without having to disconnect it.

    Artist, title displayed on dash multi-purpose display when car is doing controlling.
    This may require the highest level interior and/or dash display - works in GLI. Still no text displayed on radio, though.
    When you give control to the iPod, you can work it without unplugging it, but you then do lose the text display while in this mode.

    You also have a USB input and a 1/8 AUX input. The iPod can be moved to either with a corresponding decrease in features. The iPod, or anything else can be connected to the AUX jack for just audio. While I originally was planning to use an iPod-style disk drive in a USB case to store MP3s, I've found that unit really does a good job with a flash drive plugged into the USB connector, and while this acts like an MP3 disk plugged into an external changer, the MP3 data is not displayed on the radio. I've never seen what a real external CD changer with an MP3 disk looks like, though.

    This adapter uses a 9-pin mini DIN connector and corresponding adapter cable to connect to the iPod dock connector. A 9-pin mini DIN extension was readily available. Keeping with the same scheme as before, I now have in the center console an iPod on a cable, a USB connector, and a 1/8" AUX connector. I'm primarily using the flash drive, and have song and artist displays on the MFD, but if only the text were on the radio....

    One quirky feature - while the iPod artist/song, etc. info is displayed on the MFD, the bottom of the display shows your remaining fuel in liters.
    In case you were looking for that -

    I don't suppose anyone here is looking to by an original VW iPod adapter?...

    Hope this helps,


  146. I'd like to add to this little 'big' discussion.

    I just purchased a 09 Jetta SE last Thursday. One week old. It came with the IPod adapter in the glove compartment. Like many of you I too have had issues. My biggest gripe is that fact that in order for it to work it uses the SAT to run through. I do have access to all of my playlists (250) and the screen shows the artist, song, etc. I have no problems there.

    My issue is that when I want to go back to listening to the SAT I can't! I was told by VW over the phone that "according to the manual, switch to another band such as FM or AM and then switch it back to SAT and you will be able to access the SAT stations". WRONG! That didn't happen. I called the dealer and the sales rep I've been dealing with said that in order to get to the SAT again you have to disconnect the IPod from the adapter. WHY?!?!?!?! This is a pretty basic function that VW should have been able to work out.

    Has anyone else had this type of issue and is there a way to switch back without having to disconnect the IPod?

  147. Hello everyone:
    Just wanted to pass on information which took me around a year to gather at an expense of $110 labor & $225 parts. I used like many of you and ipod interface from a company named PIE Precision Interface electronics in Chatsworth, CA phone 818-678-3680 I called and ask for tech support, explain my troubles not been able to view my choice of music and to my surprised they responded with free chip to be installed in the VW02/PC-POD which will allow the ipod access to the controls and be able to select the music or song of my choosing. Needless to say I have a 2005 Touareg with a parrot bluetooth incorporated in addition to the interface. This chip made all the difference in the world, however: I also found out on the same day the existence of another interface which sales for $ 150 retail but can be obtained for about $50 in Ebay by the name of Harman/Kardon drive & Play ipod vehicle interface with a screen and control knob, making this particular item the best choice for aesthetics and functionality. Good luck with the hopes this info is helpful... 🙄

  148. Hey-
    I just had a dealer-installed ipod adapter installed in the glove box of my 2010 Jetta TDI. It doesn't fit an ipod, at least mine doesn't. What's the deal? It actually doesn't even look like an ipod dock- maybe someother kind of adapter. Is it RCA plug? Do I need to buy something to convert it?
    Thanks a lot.

  149. Hi,

    I have a 2006 Beetle, and the cover to the aux jack is loose, so when I plug in my Ipod, sometimes the connection isn't good. Is there also an aux jack in the glove box? Is there a way to tighten the aux jack cover?


  150. I lost my ipod's ability to play using the dealer installed ipod adapter. This adapter is located in my Jetta's glove compartment. It worked fine until I ungraded to version 3.1. Anyway I googled everywhere for help . . . none to be found. What did work today, totally unexpected I may add, was my ipod working on the SAT (satellite band) of my radio . . . and to boot it showed up with id tags and my cat/folder button and seek button both worked. Crazy.

  151. I have an 07 Passat with Nav/Dynoaudio/glove-box CD changer. There is also a AUX jack in my glove-box that I can't get to do anything.

    Does anyone know what the best aftermarket option is to plug in my ipod?

  152. Hi,
    This has been a great help and I will try out the hacks and tricks
    My main problem is:
    I bought a 2006 Golf FSi and the ipod adaptor worked a treat (no display etc) but music played so YAY...
    It stopped working...It tells my 'accessory' (ipod) that it is connected BUT the car radio does not detect it.
    It usually comes up as the CD option on the stereo.

    I am not sure how to troubleshoot this and didn't want to go spending up big to potentially no avail.

    Does anyone have any ideas what else i should try?

    Thanks for all the talk on this topic so far.

  153. Hello,

    had the same trouble with disappearing ipod on a genuine ipod adapter from Volkswagen.
    Contacted customer support and by adding their input to the manual information I come to the following result:
    Only the very first 5 playlists created on a new or reset device are detected.
    Best method is to create 5 playlists starting with numbers from 1-5 like
    1_List ->CD 1
    2_List ->CD 2
    3_List ->CD 3
    4_List ->CD 4
    5_List ->CD 5
    The now folling lists may have any name but are not detected by the adapter or the sound system.
    It seems possible to edit the content of list 1-5 but not delete and re-add them.
    CD 6 plays the whole music content.

    Hope this input helps.


  154. vw golfs are the way to go

  155. [quote comment="54937"]Please get on them because I agree they aren't playing fair from the start let alone trying to get those obvious visual control features applied.[/quote]

    I have spoken to the dealer personally, and again, they think it's a non-issue. They reckon many people know of its limitations who bought one! Ah? I DIDN'T! I feel I am beeing fobbed off.

    This is NOT RIGHT. VW must play ball, otherwise, I will take it further... possibly to make a complaint to a government department or something. I AM NOT HAPPY and now that I have twice as much music (60GB+), it's really starting to annoy me.

    After almost 3 years, they have not even updated it? Amazing.

  156. Hello,

    I just bought a Toureg 2007 and did ask to install the Ipod adapter (they did not tell me anything about these problems). I am curruntly using an Iphone 4 version 4.1 and the Iphone is unlocked. It was doing the same thing, basically locking the main screen and then had to control everything from the radio. Since I did not have any Aux Line 3.5 anywhere, I did search over the web and found out an applciation which is used thru Cydia called NoAccessorySplash which will disable the white creen inside Ipod and therefore allow you to fully use your Iphone to play your music.
    All you need is to have an Iphone, unlock it, download No AccessorySplash from Cydia and you are in business.
    Hope this helps and if you need more help, please let me know!

  157. @Cosmin: I LOVE you.

    Worked perfectly. Thank you!

  158. Glad I can help you guys! Good luck for the rest of you who have not tried it yet!