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Don’t Completely Suck at Pool

Okay, so I don't completely suck at pool. I played reasonably well today and nearly broke and ran a rack of nine balls, which is quite an accomplishment considering I sometimes have trouble making a single ball. I changed my stance a little to a more open position and that has eliminated a lot of extra movement in my arm. I also realized that you can't aim the top of the tip at the center of the ball or, duh, you're actually hitting just below center. I'll post a drill to Billiards Drills .com later tonight to talk about I worked on correcting that.

I played a game of 8-ball against Chris, one of the owners. I can't be sure what the deal was, but he missed three shots and I managed to win the second game against him. He'd have won the third if he didn't try to make the 8 by banking a minimum of three rails, and he handily won the first.

Incidentally, as soon as Chris and his partner Dan decide on the setup, the forum at will be open. The site itself will be open sometime within a month or so of that.

2 Responses to "Don’t Completely Suck at Pool"

  1. I don't mean to really sink your boat here but in the beginning especially, people have just days. Go a few spread-out days, not just a single round of games, before to conclude that you don't suck. Most people just suck until their practice a lot lot lot.

  2. Uhhh, Timen, thanks for being a tool. Since you clearly have no idea what I mean by "suck," I'll just let this all go.