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QotD: iWeb

Question: What is 'iWeb?'

My Answer: I don't know. Or at least that's my official response. If I were to guess and have some fun with it, I'd suggest that it's a tool that ties into .Mac and iTunes and Safari and iPhoto and iMovie. iDVD, sadly, will not have much to do with it. But hey, that's "just a guess."

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5 Responses to "QotD: iWeb"

  1. That's what I would guess too. More specifically, I would guess it's souped-up .Mac HomePage functionality in a console app.

  2. Maybe it has to do with the disappearance of Blogwave Studio? Blogwave was once shipped as part of a .Mac product offering sponsored by Apple. They are now going to offer their next product free to Blogwave Studio owners. Their site mysteriously stopped working right around WWDC last year, which wasn't updated until just recently with a strange cryptic front page. Maybe they got some sort of new cash flow?

  3. Let me take this moment to point out that Derek's talking about this site:

    We sincerely apologize to BlogWave Studio customers for the lack of support for the recent months due to internal issues…We would like to offer BlogWave Studio customers a free copy of our future product.The next product will be released in Mar, 2006.Thanks again.

  4. There was once talk of Apple acquiring Bloxjam (sp) - I suspect some sort of Blog editor- perhaps not allowing comments, but otherwise allowing fairly seamless integration of iLife produced content onto a web page hosted on .mac.

  5. BTW, some thoughts are also available here.