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The Island

Carey and I watched The Island last night. Well, I did, and Carey fell asleep as usual. It was her NetFlix movie, too!

I liked the movie. It had a deeper edge to it than I was expecting, with a few subtle layers. The plot was rather simple, and some of the characters weren't fully developed (like the black man who changes his mind and helps to free the clones), so that's a black mark on the movie. In other words, it wasn't crap.

Primarily, I liked the idea behind the movie, the whole concept of cloning people simply so that a wealthy person could simply use their body parts later on to extend their life. I don't mean of course that I agree with cloning for "spare parts," but it struck a chord as something that could actually become possible. After all, why just clone a new liver, heart, etc. when you can clone a whole person, keep 'em around and in perfect health, and then chop 'em up to get whatever part you happen to need?

The movie didn't touch on things like genetic defects, pre-dispositions for certain diseases, and so forth. I kind of wish it would have, but then again, the 2:16 movie might have been 2:30.

And besides, Scarlett Johansson looked pretty darn hot the whole time. The producers didn't even see fit to really give her a scratch, despite falling about 50 stories surrounded by a five-story metal sign… yeah.

4 Responses to "The Island"

  1. No wonder your girlfriend fell alseep... you're drooling all over Scarlett.

  2. She's my wife, actually, and I wasn't drooling. She looked good, but the main point there was to comment on how phony some parts of the movie were.

  3. I liked this film. It reminded me of THX 1138 but with added explanations.

  4. the movie showed the unhumane way of exploring things, why don't let cloned live after the real person died.. as what six echo states "everybody will do anything just to live, i just want to live, i don't care how".