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Calculating Your Body Surface Area

From a picture I took when I visited the plastic surgeon yesterday to have my stitches removed:

Body Area Plastic Surgeon

This was on a small "worksheet" to help the plastic surgeon how much "boob material" to remove for a breast reduction. Apparently, you can calculate your body's surface area (BSA) by using the formula:

BSA = sqrt[(height in inches * weight in pounds)/3131]

Your body's surface area will be figured out in square meters, of all things. It's like inter-ractial math, this mixing of English and Metric!

FWIW, I have 2.06102987344983 m2 of skin, apparently. If my skin were carpeting that cost $3.19/ft2, my skin would cost about $75 after sales tax.

7 Responses to "Calculating Your Body Surface Area"

  1. I only have 1.6553968 m^2 skin.

  2. crap, i think i'm a little fat ass:


    i guess being 6' and 216lbs would attribute to that. at least i'm worth more in carpeting though.

  3. I have about a 19x 20 inch throwrug more than Erik and a 31 x 50 inch throwrug more than Etan.

  4. ... and a bit more than a legal sized sheet of paper more than Ron

  5. Um... "inter-ractial?"

  6. Yeah, metric and English.

  7. I guess I've got 2.09198406 square meters of skin, but I am wondering where the skin goes when I drop 5 lbs, because that puts me at 2.06412684 square meters.

    Incidently, if I were to drop those five pounds I would move from 25.3 (overweight) to 24.6 (normal) in the BMI calculator, and the center point for BMI normalcy in my height is roughly two square meters of skin according to this calculator.