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Problems Adding Google Maps

I followed the directions here but, for some reason, my Google map doesn't show Lake View Country Club like the official Google Map does.

I am not sure why, either. The example maps (first image) show parks and other green places.

P.S. If I try to show two Google maps, only the second one loads.

2 Responses to "Problems Adding Google Maps"

  1. If you look at the copyright declaration in the bottom right of each, the data seems to be coming from two different sources. Presumably there's some sort of licensing issue involved in the additional metadata that includes the green stuff -- licensing which precludes use on third party sites.

    For most road or city-related Google Maps usage that's not really a problem, but I can sympathise with your need to have it in this case!

  2. I hink because of the terms of their deal with map data providers, Google offers different basemaps through their API than they do via Take a look at the bottom of yours: TeleAtlas. Theirs: NAVTEQ.

    I think there's more on this on the Google usenet group that discusses the mapping API.

    The funny thing is, both have errors--lots of them. i've been picking out a LOT of inconsistencies in both here around Atlanta.