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Apple Rips off The Postal Service?

Read about it here. While I am of the opinion that the Lugz/Eminem ads are surprisingly similar, to this latest charge I must ask one simple question: how many different shots could one possibly get inside Intel? In other words, so what if the motions of the machines are similar? They do the same things over and over again. If the same machines are filmed, you're gonna get the same footage, roughly.

5 Responses to "Apple Rips off The Postal Service?"

  1. The motion of the machines are similar, and I'm in the camp that Apple intentionally copied the look, feel and situations depicted in the music video, hopefully with necessary permissions. The song, Such Great Heights, does embody the current advertising theme Apple is going after with the television ad Steve debuted.

    Of course, machine motions aside, the real gray area comes during the scene - in both videos - when the two employees, in bunny suits, affectionately look at one another, while passing a wafer. That, to me, is too much of a coincidence to be accidental.

  2. It's true that there is a limited number of possible shots inside a chip manufacturing facility.

    The problem is you can find a matching shot from every cut in the intel ad in the postal service video... Who knows, maybe it was the same director...

  3. Yeah - so Apple has been in lawsuits left, right and otherwise regarding their little GUI and anyone who even tries to emulate one of their ideas.

    Funny that they don't have a problem ripping other people off.

    I am of the strong camp that Apple, particularly with the addition of the Intel chips, but ever since they had IBM building their machines so many years ago, are everything they claim not to be. And now they are just overpriced PCs with less software available for them and a junky mouse.

  4. Pretty ignorant comment, Nathan.

  5. I knew that commercial reminded me of something!

    I'm not sure that it will ever be shown widely on TV though.