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QotD: iLife ’06 Packaging

Question: Do you like the iLife '06 packaging?

My Answer: Most do not here. I like the size and shape of the new packaging, but I neither like nor dislike the packaging compared to last year's. Last year's left too much to the unknown, but was creative and cool. This year has a nice theme, with the DNA strip, but it seems to focus solely on movies. iTunes, iPhoto, and GarageBand - while all with movie components, are generally not thought of as "movie" apps.

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One Response to "QotD: iLife ’06 Packaging"

  1. What's most important is this: does the software work and is it worth the upgrade? I don't pull out software boxes very often except maybe to grab a manual, but I use the software every day, be it iLife or Photoshop.

    Do I like this year's box? Sure. I haven't seen one in person but it looks smaller and more square, which makes sense and is cheaper for Apple, after all, what's in there but 1 DVD and a proof of purchase card.