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GMAC: Suck My Left Nut

My Aztek was financed through GMAC. On December 19, I called to inquire about the payoff on the account and was told $4990.28. The due date was December 23, and after that date, the loan would get interest at about $2/day. I received this quote while speaking with someone, and so I then asked what would happen if they didn't get or process the check immediately. The woman on the phone told me that "if it's under $25, we close the account." In other words, on a $25k loan (or whatever it was), they don't worry about the last tiny bit.

A check was sent on December 23. It was not received or processed until January 6. I called several times between those two dates inquiring when they'd process the account. It does not take two weeks for the mail to get from here to there. Being Christmastime, it would take, at most, five to six days.

I call last week to check to make sure the account is closed. A woman who apparently can't bother to type in any notes tells me "yeah, two weeks does seem like a long time. I'll close your account out and send your title. You will have it in 7 to 10 days." I call again today and am told "no, sorry, you owe $94.97." The person with whom I spoke today is completely unwilling to honor the promise from the woman last week.

I plan to call back tomorrow to see what the hell is going on. It's not my fault that it took them two weeks to process the check (or for it to go through the mail). It's not my fault that I was given a payoff of the amount above. And it sure as heck isn't my fault that the promise I received last week has not been upheld.

Screw GMAC. For $94.97 on a loan on which they got something approaching 100% interest (you think I'm joking, but…), they're failing to honor their promise and are trying to screw me out of a few measly bucks.

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  1. I agree that it sucks, but be careful - if you legitimately owe it and you don't pay it, they'll put it on your credit report and will probably put a lien on your house for it.

  2. I plan to fight it tomorrow and if they fail to take care of me then, to pay the jerks despite their promises to the contrary and be done with it.

  3. Geez, GMAC is still up to no good. You're probably fighting a losing battle. Back in '98 I financed my GrandAm through them. In April '99 I sent in my payment for May almost a month early. I included the payment coupon for May, but they ignored it and applied the payment as excess to my principal instead of crediting it as my regular monthly payment. About a year later, due to an unexpected change of employment (and pay cycle adjustment), I was going to be a week late with my payment. I called to notify them and I was told that my account would be OVER 30 days delinquent and that an order to repossess my car would be issued. According to their records, I had been behind on my payments since May 1999. I fought with for a week. They could see the payment and knew where the error was, but they refused to correct the documentation. I finally gave up and by the time it was over, GMAC sucked about $400 in late fees out of and put a significant blemish on my credit report.
    I hope your experience turns out better.

  4. Well, I can see another side to this. Please Erik, while I do side with you - $94.97 sounds rather excessive - I mention this with due respect.

    (1) You call them on a Monday (12/19) and the due date the day you actually mailed it (12/23). 4 days later on a Friday? No mention of whether you put it in a mailbox before the pickup day either.... which really makes the timing critical.

    (2) How critical? Well the next day is not only Saturday (with usually only one pickup - trust me, that is exactly what the Legion Road USPS pickups are) but the start of a holiday weekend. So the likelihood is the timeclock may well need to start on 12/26, not 12/23... making it a solid week after when you called, and already 3 days overdue - and instead of blaming it all on GMAC you might consider the USPS instead.

    (3) Now, let's get to the remainder of the timeline. Making it 2-3 working days for GMAC to get it, we're now talking potentially 12/28 or 12/29. Meaning, at best 2-3 working days where it sits at GMAC until....

    (4) Now, working from home like you do, I can believe you can easily forget what a holiday timing like 2005 had. Me? Working for one of the larger places in Erie we had a FIVE day weekend (12/23 - 12/27) followed by a THREE day weekend (12/31 - 1/2). Mind you, we're not with the government - who really has it nice. Still that means we worked from Wednesday through Friday over the holidays. Do you know how manny people took their earned vacation days during that week? (I wish I could but a project prevented me from having an 11 day vacation that only cost 3 days.) Do you really think GMAC would not be shortstaffed? And in any company, during those moments of "planned" absence, I'd prefer they process normal payments before a payoff which probably requires more paperwork.

    (5) IMHO it is very possible that GMAC did even receive your payment until 12/29. Didn't do much more than record that fact - meaning they didn't begin the process of closing the loan - until the following week... which in my company meant Tuesday 1/3. So that could well mean it took them no more than 4 working days to finalize everything you were hoping to do.

    Again, I definitely agree that $95 sounds excessive. My only thought is that if they didn't begin the process until 1/3 than it might be that they tacked on a wrongful late fee since that is 14 days late by the calendar. (Of course, when I mail out something on a Friday before two long holiday weekends I really try to make sure that the day I put it in the mailbox is not the duedate. But YYMV.)

    Apologies for stating a different side of things, but the tone of your post makes me think you believe only GMAC is to blame. I think you could spread that blame around, including just a little to that person you see when you look in the mirror.

  5. They claim not to have even received it until January 6, two weeks after it was mailed. My bank mailed it, and the USPS took only one day off (in addition to the normal Sunday).

    No doubt I'm out the $95, but this is pretty ridiculous. $95 on a $5k payment is a rounding error. It should be obvious I'm not trying to screw them out of the $95.

    Monica, yeah, I've had similar issues with GMAC and my credit. I advise anyone to avoid GMAC at all costs. Go through a credit union.

  6. Two observations, apropos of nothing in particular:

    1) The phrase "I'd like to speak to your supervisor, please" can frequently work wonders on recalcitrant call center personnel. (And don't take "sorry, they're not available" for an answer.)

    2) Certified mail is always a good idea.

  7. Well, in truth, where I failed was in asking for the woman's name who made the promise to me. I did ask to speak to a supervisor, and she kept repeating "you owe us $94.97." She tried to say things like "so you agree that there is no note regarding your previous call in our system" to which I'd say "no, I don't agree to that since I can't even see what you're looking at."

    It was a rather scummy way to go about things. I wasn't bright (but I wanted a car) to get GMAC to begin with, and I hope nobody uses them in the future. A credit union - ideally a local one you can stop in to visit - is the way to go.

  8. I dealt with GMAC back in 1999 for a car I had through them.. one month I forgot to make a payment, as I was out of the country, when I called in they said don't worry about it, they will add it to the end of the lease.. what do I find out after two years? GMAC reported that I made 15 late payments one after another for the duration of the lease. WTF??? My credit report was hit badly, and I wasn't able to dispute it or get GMAC to fix my credit report. Talk about a bunch of ass bags!

  9. I work for Gmac collections office and Iam sick of you people crying . Take some responsability for ounce then maybe I wouldnt have to call you every month .

    1. Learn how to spell, o high & mighty telephone call person.

      It's "responsibility", not "responsability", and "once", not "ounce". It's pretty obvious that GMAC Collections had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to come up with some of their hired help.


  10. To the guy with 15 over 30s on a the leased vehicle. How can you not know that? I also work for GMAC and am also sick of you people calling to complain about getting 15 over 30s or $400 in late charges. It is rediculous that grown people don't pay attention to their credit or their finances until after they've already screwed it up. If you go out of the country, that doesn't mean you don't have to pay your bills before you leave. I hate the excuse 'I was on vacation.' What i'd like to say is, 'i don't care' You people signed contracts stating you'd make payments every month, for a certain amount of time, at a certain date. When you go out of the country and 'forget to make a payment' that is not our problem, nor is it our fault. When someone granted you an extension there are steps you needed to take to complete that, to put the payment at the end of your loan. You obviously did not do that. When your account is past due, you get phone calls, lots of them, and you get letters! So i'm sure if you were paying attention you would have noticed something wasn't right. Maybe GMAC isn't the ass bag honey...maybe it's you? I could be wrong though. I'm not going to say our company is flawless, because there's a billion people that work work GMAC, obviously there will be some room for error. But I also know that we try our hardest you call you people when you're late, and to work with customers when they are struggling. Here's a simple solution, keep an eye on your finances and you won't have that problem.

    1. Why don't you read my posting below and tell me I was wrong. I did what I was told to do by A GMAC agent and got the royal screwing and still am paying the price. I pay all of my bills on time and my credit was impeccable prior to doing business with GMAC.

  11. I think that before GMAC employees start preaching responsibility, they should learn how to spell it.

    It's "rediculous". Go back to school.

    1. I entered into a smart buy lease in 2004 and in 2006 called to see what the implications were to turn it in early because I was quitting my job to take care of my dying father in law. A GMAC agent told me to simply go drop it off at my local Chevy dealer and I would only be charged the remainder of the lease payments. So, I went and turned vehicle in and waited to hear from them. Next thing I know I am being charged the entire balance on the vehicle minus the auctioned of price of a messily 4 thousand for an 18 month ext Trail Blazer. Confused, I called to find out where the error had occurred. Then I was told, "that year NYS didn't have leases, they were smart buy leases. The information you were told was wrong and you will be responsible for the entire balance of the vehicle." WOW, I felt I had no choice but to try to work something out. So, we came to an agreement for me to pay them $200 a month. From 2006-present I have faithfully paid on time every month. Then, this past year they reported to the credit agencies it is a derogatory account. This essentially has ruine4d my exceptional credit and i can't even get a small credit card. I called GMAC to see why the account isn't listed as (making payments as agreed, never late etc...). I was told well we don't do that but if the account is settled we will report then that it was settled but will not report pd in full. Back in 2004 I wrote to GMAC and explained what I was told and that I had followed the advise given by the agent and received a letter back dismissing my plea. Logic would tell anyone that if I knew the implications were the entire amount The vehicle. So, now GMAC was not content in taking my money for a vehicle I don't even have anymore but now proceeding to ruin my credit. I will never due business with GM or GMAC ever again and its amazing how far word of mouth goes. I referred 6 people just this year to Nissan. So much for the American way - American car manufacturers should wonder why they are losing their jobs.

  12. [quote comment="18090"]I work for Gmac collections office and Iam sick of you people crying . Take some responsability for ounce then maybe I wouldnt have to call you every month .[/quote]

    Gmac (instead of GMAC) and that is this person's employer....responsability (instead of responsibility)...ounce instead of ounce is a measurement, GMAC call center employee. From my experience with call center employees in the past, I would say this person is the typical employee, poorly educated and unable to understand most of what the people he is supposed to help are saying. These people are also incredibly RUDE and get away with it. (I think their employers even encourage it.) If you insist on talking to a supervisor you may or may not get one. At least your problem was only a money problem. My problem was with United Health Care, to whom I made payments for four months straight and cannot get a generic medication from that I need to take every day.

    Help is on the way though! All these jobs are being outsourced to India, where they are filled by people who make a dollar an hour and are better educated. Of course, they still MUST FOLLOW the instructions of their U.S. corporate bosses.

    Next time buy a HONDA, much better any way you look at it, fair dealings, service, financing and SUPERIOR PRODUCT.

    You have my sympathies. Been there.

    #talboei (they ounderdaucolloctorgy)

  13. Ugg. I hate GMAC. I've been dealing with them since 1998 and they just love to mess with my credit rating. They seem to go through stages where they report me as 30 days late each month when the most I was late was 1-2 days and I have a grace period. I started mailing my payments three weeks in advance (pretty much put the next one in the mail after the last one) and I was told it takes 18-20 days to reach them and get posted to my account. Regardless, even with that ridiculous time frame, my payments would at most have been 1-2 days "late", NOT over 30. This has taken my credit score down by 100 points. They don't care either. They will actually take the time to send you piles of computer printouts instead of work with you. About a year ago I changed my due date and had the documentation (signed by them) to prove but I got dinged with a 60 day late penalty and knock to my credit. I think they are in cahoots with the credit bureaus too because I'm never been able to get the information corrected. I just started making my payments over the phone ... which I am sore about because they charge a $7 "convenience" fee ... convenient for whom? Not me. Wading through all their automated prompts. These people are evil.

  14. We're going through some CRAP with GMAC right now. They actually told us and a Honda dealership...that since we live in South Dakota...we couldn't trade the vehicle and have a dealership pay off the rest of the car. We now have 2 Honda's because I'm sick of dealing with idiot GM people.

    Anyway...long story short, WE ended up paying off the lease (over $15,000). BUT they told us that a car dealership must be the ones to pay off the lease early. So, now they've had $15,000+ of our money...that isn't theirs, for over 2 weeks. We're waiting to get the check FedExed still. And I'm sure they won't honor the payoff we were given back then.

    AND EVERYONE AT GMAC HAS BEEN SUPER RUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not just IDIOTS getting paid diddly squat...RUDE, too!

  15. Ohhhh. And another thing. The GMAC people just keep making excuses. Here's one...after we asked why our money they have of ours hasn't came to our house FED EX like they promised it would be here yesterday. Here's what they said. We probably had to wait until the check cleared. But guess what LIAR? They received a payoff amount for our leased car ELECTRONICALLY! The transaction was completed and done all in one QUICK DAY! So, then we haven't received the title because the first person we talked to about paying it off...told us everything backwards. She said we couldn't have a dealership pay off the car...only we could. Thanks a lot honey. Now we're waiting to get our money back so we can have the dealership pay off the they can get the title to it. I suppose we should contact our attorney next since they have our money that we could be making interest on...or investing in something with a better return that GMAC idiots. Attorneys seem to be the only thing to make these RUDE people flinch even a little bit.

  16. [quote comment="18087"]Two observations, apropos of nothing in particular:

    1) The phrase "I'd like to speak to your supervisor, please" can frequently work wonders on recalcitrant call center personnel. (And don't take "sorry, they're not available" for an answer.)

    2) Certified mail is always a good idea.[/quote]

    We get the can't talk to a supervisor...over and over. They even told us that they can't transfer us to one particular person. Their phones didn't have that capability. WTF? I'm sure that GMAC's phone system has been more recently update since 1967.

    But it seems to me like the supervisors or upper management losers tell their employees to "do everything you can to cheat the customer out of money" OR "The customer is pretty dumb...stall or make any excuses you can so we can make more money." It's old...and it's only a small pile of reasons why I would consider living in a different country. And I would have NEVER considered that 5 or 6 years ago. It's out of control. Greed and stupidity have taken over the United States. Sad.

  17. OK Duane, calm down. 😛

  18. [quote comment="42301"]OK Duane, calm down. :-P[/quote]

    I'm calm...and done doing business with GM and GMAC. Problem solved.

  19. GMAC isn't really too bad. You just need to know what to say and how to say it. Some GMAC reps are terrible at their job, don't get me wrong. But every company has policies they must run by and protect. As with the payoff, they should been able to effective date the fix, as to why those reps did not is totaly past me. Generally it does take up to 7-10 business days for any company to receive a payment and thats the normal turn around time for the postal service. With the surpervisor...All you need to do is request a supervisor call you back. That would be all you need. Upper management are practically busy making other calls out to other complaints. Upper management do their best in calling back and from my customer care training at various other companies besided GMAC, the upper management call back within 24hrs. Despite your issue, it's always good to stay calm...I know how frusterating it is but if you stay calm you keep the rep. calm and the rep is more likely to give you a fast response in what your issue is.

  20. :mrgreen:
    I am with you Guy.
    GMAC is the worst of the worst.
    I think You have to be a scum bag to get a job there.
    You have to have the devils name as a reference.
    If you only been in jail for 10 years then you don't quality for upper management.
    If your name is Hilter that helps.
    As a kid if you were kicked out of reform school that is a big plus.
    Stealing from little old ladies is a big plus.
    If your own dog bites you that helps.
    If you are to mean for the KKK and they will not have anything to do with you that helps.
    If a trash can smells better than you that helps.
    If you will run off the road to run over a dog that helps.
    If you meet the above requirements GMAC would like to welcome you aboard.

  21. 😡

    I'll tell you what, I worked for GMAC for 11 years, they forced me to resign because they were downsizing and I wouldn't move my family to another part of the state for a $50,000 a year job. I've always gotten the best possible reviews from supervisors up until the very last 6 months. They trumped up some bogus facts and said I was not performing up to standards. I can tell you nothing as far as I did changed...they did! I was downsized forced to resign, no severance, no benefits, nothing. I was not a collecter, I worked in the field visiting dealerships and servicing them so I'm sorry I can't take any blame for the nincompoops (is that spelled right?) you all were exposed to, but I'm sorry, that does suck. They suck to the core and have basically ruined my life over nothing. I am 42 years old now, and it's hard to find a job that pays more than $15 an hour to start with, especially when you have to go buy a car since they took my company car away as well. Sound bitter...yup.The big, fat, ugly boss Jean was so sexually frustrated that all she can see is the men who work in the department, not that they see past the big black wiskers on her chin. More bitterness hereWish me luck, I'm going to need it to keep my house.

  22. You think GMAC sucks now? Just hold on to your seats it's gonna get worse.

    GM sold a 51% stake in GMAC to a private equity fund by the name of Cerberbus Capital Management and by the time they get done with it they may even have to change their name.

  23. [quote comment="18090"]I work for Gmac collections office and Iam sick of you people crying . Take some responsability for ounce then maybe I wouldnt have to call you every month .[/quote]

    Learn to spell. It is spelled "Once" not "Ounce". It seems like you are as high up as you will ever go in the company, so I can see why you are so easily upset.

  24. You think that is bad. My wife leased a Gran Prix through GMAC & when it was turned in there was $3200.00 charged for excess mileage. we knew this when we traded it in on a 2002 Aztec & it was written into the new agreement & added to the new loan. Well some time goes by & GMAC calls on the phone & asks where the $3200.00 is. I explain to them that it had been written into the new loan (also through GMAC) & it had been figured in on the new payment. GMAC tells us that we still owe this to them because they see no record of this being written into the new car purchase. I tell them I will fax the paperwork to them so they can see it. The GMAC employee I am talking to says they do not want to see this & to pay the $3200.00. I again explain this is written into the new laon through GMAC & I am not paying it twice.
    Gmac turns us over for collections & when I speak with the collection agency they ask to have that paperwork faxed to them, which I did.

  25. So I get a call back from the guy @ the CA & he tells me: "You do not owe this & we are sending it back to GMAC. A year goes by & I get another call from a collection agency. Same thing I send it to them they say i do not owe this & they are sending it back to gMAC. A year goes by, same thing. Only this time the guy tells me this is so typical of gMAC they don't know what they are doing. I fought this for quite some time & could never get it resolved. So now i go to buy a house & I am told that I owe GMAC this money & can't get my loan unless I pay them. I give the paperwork to the house lender & they tell me that since it is on my credit report that I will have to pay it.
    OK so now I talk to GMAC & they knock off a couple hundred bucks if I will pay it in 5 days.This I do & they say it will be taken off my credit report.WRONG it is still there.So I call GMAC last week to see if I can get it off there.The person is very belligerant with me & they tell me I should have paid it to begin with.
    So, if you think GMAC sucks, they really suck.
    I am glad that they are having to close offices all over the country & especially the one in Auburn Hills Michigan.I hope all their employees rot in the unemployment line. I will never buy another GM car & when I talk to people who are I tell them my story & I have talked them into buying Fords.
    NBow think about this. My wife, me, my 2 kids, their spouces all not ever buying another GM product or using GMAC for anything. Do the math it comes to millions of dollars over the next 30-40 years.
    GMAC you suck & I hope you all end up on welfare.

  26. [quote comment="18090"]I work for Gmac collections office and Iam sick of you people crying . Take some responsability for ounce then maybe I wouldnt have to call you every month .[/quote]

    You all shouldn't give "Donald" such a hard time. I'm sure he is an outsourced employee from India or Nepal. English is most likely his second or sixth language. He makes 50 cents an hour and could never consider establishing a line of credit. Lucky bastard!

  27. I myself used to work at a GMAC customer service center and I say GMAC sucks. As for the customer service reps all being stupid and rude.......this is not entirely the case. We went through 4 weeks of intense training. Very few didn't make it through the training or didn't actually get hired on. But I will say that when I took the job I took a $4.00 per hour pay cut and I felt like the job was beneath me because when I looked around, 95% of the other employees were total idiots. I'm sorry you all had such bad experiences with your dealings with the call center. I myself treated each and every customer with respect no matter what their account looked like. I took the time to go over the accounts and try to solve the problems. I would go back over each and every payment for 3 to 4 years if that is what it took. I rarely needed to transfer to a supervisor except in the rare case that the customer could not understand or just didn't want to hear what I had to say no matter how polite and understanding I was. I can say that I was terribly underpaid for the amount of caring service I provided. As for the $95.00 that they say you owed, I'm sorry you had to experience that and in many cases small amounts were written off and titles or lien releases would be mailed. I don't understand why some cs reps have to be so difficult and can't do their jobs. We did not have the authority to write off amounts but we did have the capability to email the field offices to get things done. I can assure you that if you would have spoken with me, I would have emailed your problem or request on the field office asking to have it resolved and I would have followed up on it by rechecking the account in about 5 days to see if something was done and if it wasn't then I would have requested it a second and third time if that is what it took. Anyway, I just wanted to say that there were some of us that tried to make a difference and help but we also didn't last there. I worked there for 3 1/2 years with only 2 raises as they tried to keep our wages down by all means. I ended up quiting due to health problems which were partially caused by working for that damned company!!!!! So I agree with GMAC SUCKS!!! I hope I made some kind of sense!

  28. I have posted before about GMAC before but I am at my wit's end. This company is Satan. They have destroyed my credit and there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it. I was 30 days late ONCE three years ago. After that initial late payment they tacked on a late fee. Fine, I was late, so I paid the late fee and my next payment. What did they do? They took the "extra" money meant to cover the late fee and applied to the principle balance (I didn't find this out until later). My payments kept getting smaller because I continued to make my "normal" monthly payments every month through my bank auto pay. I pulled my credit report and found that I had several 30 day late dings from our friends at GMAC. I called and they said that my late payment had been applied to the balance and I should have sent a separate payment for the late fee. I did this ... I sent a separate check with the words "FOR LATE FEE" written across the bottom. Did that make any difference? NOPE! I have a year's worth of 30 day lates. I FINALLY got someone on the phone who sorted out what happened and said it was taken care of, and it was EXCEPT they didn't do anything about the year's worth of 30 day late notices to the CRAs.

    Now today I encountered a new problem. It seems they have dropped TRUEPAY ... they now use JP Morgan Chase. (Phone is 877-845-2642 but be prepared, I'm pretty sure they route these calls to India if you press "0" for operator and everyone I've talked to appears to have a 2nd grade education). I called to make a payment over the phone because I wanted it credited right away. The system said my zip code was wrong and when I talked to someone he told me the zip code I gave him was wrong. Um, I think I know my zip code idiot. I told him THEIR zip code entered was wrong. He said I would have to tell him the zip code he was looking at on his screen. I told him how can I tell you a zip code that's wrong? I rattled off every zip code I've ever had and none of them were right. I called GMAC directly and I went through the same run around with them. I had to get my fiance to call because I was so red in the face after an HOUR of this nonsense. We finally got them to change the zip code in their system. What a bunch or MORONS!!!!

  29. Bunch of racial jerks! Delinquency doesn’t excuse you from your responsibility… next time learn to read before you sign… or better yet read between the lines… learn your billing cycles… stupidity does not excuse anybody… I guess the best way to describe you guys is a bunch of whiners! There is a thin line between being stubborn and acting like spoiled brats… 😆

  30. I'm sorry ... who are you calling a "racial jerk"? I don't see anything in my post that's about race. It IS frustrating to call a company in American and encounter a language barrier but what does that have to do with race? You sound very ignorant. If you had to deal with all of the issues everyone else on this board has experienced you would be frustrated as well. This has nothing to do with reading fine print or looking for a way out of paying for my car. I made one late payment well over a year ago, and it wasn't even 30 days late. I paid the late fee immediately and GMAC applied it to principle. They made an error and my being late one time does not give them the right to report me as late every month for a year when I wasn't. Since you are clearly blessed with not having to deal with unethical companies why the hell are you posting on this board? Get a life. Seriously. It's people like you that have contributed to the break down in customer service in this country. You refuse to look at each case individually and consider that big corporations make mistakes, a lot of mistakes, and they should be held accountable. This is a public forum to connect with others who have experienced similar problems and hopefully get GMAC's attention. Having a poor reputation in the community is the kiss of death for businesses. Eventually it will catch up to them, either in a class action lawsuit or government sanctions or lost revenue. If you don't have anything productive to add to this forum, your opinions are not welcomed. We're here for encouragement, support and answers not to be judged. This isn't that type of forum.

  31. Hey, how about this one. I have someone from that same collections agency calling me for a fellow named Paul. GMAC calls my place of business asking for this Paul guy about three times. each time I let the agent know. " I don't know anyone by the name of Paul? So i figured the young lady would stop calling for Paul but guess what? Yep RRRRIIIIIINNNNNNGGGG! " Hi this is ___ from GMAC my I please speak to Paul." I say hey you called here last week looking for this Paul guy who I have no I dea who he is or what he wants. " please remove me from the call list so you dont waste anytime looking for Paul. She says OK sir no problem. So guess what she calls again. But...... now I know that GMAC is a collection agency thanks to the beauty of the internet. So she asks for Paul again and I say (ME) " I thought you took me off the calling list?" (Agent) No you didnt sir is paul there?" (ME) Look I pay my bills and I dont appreciate you calling my place of business asking for a bum Paul who I dont know! ( agent) " Are you having a bad day sir, did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?" (Me) " No but you probably are because you have to wake up eveyday and be a smart ass and insulting to people in order to do your job right, so maybe and just maybe you can either get a raise of make some quota that you must meet in order to have a job." (agent) good day sir" (ME) so your not going to call here anymore right" (Agent) "you have a good day sir". For those of you who work for GMAC or a collection agency a word of advise. When people owe you :

    1) You kiss thier ass for the money.
    2) You go and whoop their ass and drag them to the nearest bank and get the money.

    and3) the most important thing about collecting money from folks, if they dont answer the day they said they'd pay you forget about it you'll never get it. there are those who pay and those who never will get it through your heads and stop blaming the cebters and get a new job so the entire world wouldnt label you as an ASSHOLE!

    many thanks,
    johnnie miami

  32. [quote comment="18090"]I work for Gmac collections office and Iam sick of you people crying . Take some responsability for ounce then maybe I wouldnt have to call you every month .[/quote]

    Donald your an Asshole regardless. Cause only an asshole would work collecting money for other people.

    Your no better than an enforcer for a bookie. Only problem is you dont have the balls to confront people face to face. Im sure some, not all of the people your harass would probably kick your cubical ass. If your so good at your job how can you give your wife a kiss on the lips with that asshole breathe of yours. Get a real job or go fly a kite or something.

  33. Yeah, well they are only hurting themselves and the their GM dealer net work. GMAC is just a bunch of bullies with nothing better to do than just give car loans with people with 700 credit score or better. This is why the auto industry is in the crapper, because of the lenders not wanting to lend money. Sucks for GMAC.

  34. I financed my car 6 months before I got married. When I got married they of course wanted to know my new address and everything and so I also supplied them with my new name. To this day I can't call and give my married name because no one ever changed it even though I repeatedly asked. If they needed more information or something, they never informed me of this. I got sick of asking and GMAC still goes by my maiden name.
    Also, while making a little exra money and wanting to pay off my car a little bit faster, I sent in my check for about $125 over my monthly payment. I included my account number and everything and asked for the extra to be applied to the principle. Well, they're idiots because that was a year ago and now when I go to make a payment it says my payment for that month is $125 less than what it should be because they just applied it to my monthly payment. I don't understand why these people can't read...

  35. 😈
    People people people. you all need to understand that GMAC is not always at fault for you not paying your car payment on time. Are we human yes do we make mistakes yes. But you have to realize that we dont care if your dog died or if you lost your job or if you had to put the car into the shop for repairs. It is a simple thing called savings. You know banks to have those type of accounts that you can set up for some thing called an unforseen circumstance. All you people want to do is get sympathy for something that you should be taking responsibility for. Make sure the next time you go buy a car it is one that you can afford. Dont go buy a 60k escalade if you cant make the payments on it. We dont get paid to care about your personal problems. We get paid to collect on your debt. And if you were smart you would you would pay your car payment on time. and you also have to realize that if you lease a vehicle it is not yours and if you dont make a payment you get evicted. wake up people and take responsibilty for your stupidness.

  36. 😈

    Ok I am going to break this down for you people who don’t seem to understand what we do exactly for a living. I work for Phoenix Collection Center and I talk to easily a 100 people per day. Out of that 100 people per day only 20 of them are actually smart and know that they sign a CONTRACT a LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT that states that they will pay a certain amount of money each month till the CONTRACT is paid off. No where in that CONTRACT does it say we will change your last name when you request it nor does it state that we will be polite to you when you default on your loan. You see we call and HARASS you (because that’s what you people think we do) because we actually slightly care more than you do in trying to keep you in a unit you can not afford. You see if we were not around to HARASS you than you will notify you that we are coming to repo OUR unit. Since you do know that you do not own the unit until you pay off your CONTRACT!! People when are Americans going to see that companies DO NOT owe you anything because you GREEDY people will always try to live the life of the rich famous fully knowing you can not afford it. My job is a real job because I get to teach people everyday how a CONTRACT works and no matter how much money is left on the loan you still have to pay to keep your unit. We have to borrow money to lend it to you but here you are complaining again about how we suck. WELL WAKE UP WE THINK YOU SUCK FOR COMPLAINING ABOUT HOW YOU CANT PAY YOUR BILL!!!! WE THINK YOU COULD BE HILTER BECAUSE YOU’RE STUPID ENOUGH TO THINK WE OWE YOU SOMETHING!! If you made your payments than we would not have jobs so get over it and blame yourselves. Oh yeah and I hate customer service at well I am always stuck cleaning up there mess.

  37. Boy, you're the one that sounds stupid. Many of us are upset because we DO make our payments on time and GMAC reports us as late. And sometimes people do pay a little late but BEFORE 30 days and GMAC reports the payment as over 30 days late to the credit bureaus. And when you send proof of when the payment was made and withdrawn from your account to GMAC they send a letter stating that they were not wrong. It sounds like you're some a-hole on a power trip. Sorry to break it to you but working for GMAC just makes you a moron at the end of the day (your mother must be proud). It must be nice living in an ignorant world where everything is black and white and there is no such thing as mistakes and corruption for the sake of making a profit within a corporation like GMAC.

  38. Boy Amy, we are the ones that are stupid and moronic for working for a company that keeps screwing people like you over? I mean that is what you are saying right?? Well wake up from your dream world sweet heart. There are thousands of people that have bought a vehicle from us and to your disbelief make their payments on time. That is what we in the evil corportation of GMAC call a responisble adult. I mean would you be so distraught if your water company or electric company screwed you over?? Would you be bad mouthing that company probably not since you need that survive. But you dont need a car to survive. There is public transportation or would you nag about that too. You people need to wake up and realize that we are not the bad guys. We take risks on you low lifes everyday and then have to put up with your lames excuses as to why you cant pay. Please give me a break. Gmac does make mistakes and we are the first to say we are not perfect but take some damn responsibility for yourselfs. Dont be blaming Gmac for your lack of responsiblilty. We didnt put a gun to your head and told you to take a vehicle that you could not afford. Quit living above your means to make your friends and family say ooohh and awww at your shiny new esclade. Buy something you can afford. DUH!!!!

  39. Well, looks like GMAC don't want to their own bills. How ironic! Call and harrass the public about paying their bills but keep that 17 mil+ CEO on staff when your ship is sinking? Smart move GMAC.
    I dispise the Government, mainly GW Bush for giving them money ($6 Billion) to pay their bills. As far as I'm concerned they should consider my car paid off and just send me the title. Don't say "well you have a contract" my answer is so do they and if the douchebag in the White House can give the auto industry money to pay their bills, why can't I get some? I'm a small buss owner going under because people won't pay their bills. Where the F is my bail out, I only need a million! I'm not looking for $25 Billion, a mear $1 million will do.
    I feel no pitty for GMAC, let them go under just like me. If GMAC goes under the only thing it will effect is the fat a$$es getting fatter! F' the GMAC and the whole auto industry. Highly OVER PAID people that don't do $hit have put big biz in the dumper, let them figure out how to fix it for themselves or send me my measly $1 million bail out!

  40. I've been trying to open a cd at gmac bank for almost a month now. They have had my check and all the completed paperwork for well over $50k for over two weeks and still can't get an account opened. It seems I have a physical address AND a mailing address and that has them all fucked up. Gonna put my cash elsewhere and buy my vehicles from another manufacturer. Hope they go bankrupt.

  41. Funny how all you fucktards that work for GMAC have nothing to say now, now that GMAC don't want to or "can't" pay it's own bills. Cry to congress for money cause your broke and keep on shafting the people. But keep that fat as$ stuck in his chair or on that private airplane. Where the fuck is my bail out.
    The fact that GMAC hires these people is no mistery, figure it out with me here. Hire and underpay some dumb asses to work for you so the fat a$$es can do less and get fatter while those dumbasses starve. That's how fuckin dumb you are. You work for some fat porker in the office that makes millions (even though they say they have no money) looking for ways to fuck the world over with that bogus "the economy will crash if we close" bullshit. And fuck you if believe that bullshit!
    The top people in GMAC make in excess of millions per year. Time to cut those big pays down to size or bring the rest of the people up to par. Or just fuckin fire them and not pay that retarded parachute clause. Why not fuck them over instead of the people that actually do something? You know the ones they fuck over daily.
    After all, those dumbas$es they hired are the ones producing for the company not that jitbag in the private jet. Oh, and tell that fat as$ to send me my fuckin title. My taxes will ultimatly pay that fuckin billion dollar marker off some where along the line, so give me my fuckin title without further payment you worthless pieces of shit!
    Cleaner version for all you pussys.

  42. GMAC are a bunch of idiots. First I'd like to say that yes, it is discouraging to talk to someone you can barely understand. Second, I lost my job and my car got repossessed. I attempted to set up payment arrangement afterward and they told me what I was trying to give was not enough. I explained that it was better than nothing. They didn't agree so I held on to my monies. Now here I am dealing with scavenger debt collectors who don't want my monthly payments either, they just want a lump sum. Can't win for losing. Any advice on this?

  43. DON'T PAY IT! Tell them to fuck off!
    Those lying bastards deserve to go out of business.
    They said they needed the bailout money because people weren't paying their loans. Never mind those Billions of dollars in profits they make every year.
    They don't have to lose a dime on a repo., they can and should by law have to try to resell it. Instead they choose to auction it, knowing they won't get crap for it. Then they simply come after you for the difference. Sounds like a consumer scam to me. By law they SHOULD have to eat what they don't get if they choose to use an auction for resale.
    Your credit is already ruined because of the repo., so what is the difference if you pay it or not? NONE! It's still a repo. and banks won't give you shit now. If you have Credit Cards, watch all the credit lines will get cut too.
    So let them it eat, that's why they got all the bailout money right?

  44. Actually you're wrong as it pertains to my credit being shot. I haven't been cut and while it did have a negative affect on my credit, it wasn't that bad. Especially since the statute of limitations is up in my State. But yeah they can be scumbags. How are you gonna tell me my payment isn't enough? Are they serious?

  45. If the statute of limitations is up you don't have to and shouldn't pay it. They have lost their right to sue by not filing suit within the time lines defined by law.
    This is why they want as much as they can squeeze out of you in one shot. They're looking at it as a one time shot at getting anything from you before you become the wiser.
    They have NO legal leverage. You can also tell them to never contact you again regarding this matter. Or simply tell them to fuck off!
    DO NOT make any payments or you will restart the statute of limitations. It goes by the date of last activity on the account (meaning the last time you sent them money).

  46. I love your fire GMAC dumper!

  47. It just pisses me off with all this bailout bullshit going on for the Corporations to fuck the people over. They're already fucking us over. They needed no help for the Government! The Governement should have bailed the people out NOT the extortionists! We need to take the Governement back from the RICH and make those fuckers poor! Limit the income for the Government jobs to $40k (and that's fuckin generous!) per year and see how they live. I'll bet the economy gets a lot better, quick!
    People should grow some balls, stick together and refuse to pay these scumbags back a dime. Shit, STOP paying all these bullshit taxes too.
    Were going to have to pay back every penny these fuckers got and are going to get, everyone should see it coming. If not, your fucking blind!
    Oboma's bill was full of BULLSHIT! But the RICH Governement (whom it DOES NOT effect) signed it anyway. WITHOUT EVEN READING IT! WHAT FUCKING IDIOTS!
    And for the ASSHOLES that posted the GMAC bullshit on here about paying your bills, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YA'S NOW? I know, in the unemployement line, because GMAC didn't pay their bills!
    Another thing to those SCUMBAGS, GO FUCK YOURSELVES!

  48. To Gmac Dumper,
    I am the Asshole as you call that stated to pay your bills, you wanted to know where I am at, I am still employed with GMAC still collecting on pieces of shit people such as yourself that always play the victim in everything and never take responsibilty for anything. I still have a job i still have a house i even still have my car.

    Which is more than I can say for any of you whinny cry babies on this site. Suck it up deal with the fact you couldnt afford your vehicle when you bought. Try living within your means. Maybe save a little for when the unexpected happens you are prepared. Instead of blaming your finance company for such a high pmt. When you are the fuck head that signed the contact.

    And by way GMAC did not I repeat did not get the 13.9 billion dollar bailout that was GM the manufactuar not the finance company. Yes we got money but not as much as the people who build the cars. And another thing we arent even the same company anymore. So before you start spouting off nonsense get your facts straight

    1. FUCK YOU COCKSUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I worked for A GM dealership in finance, I lost my job when the dealership was close by GM! No severance pay NOTHING! Just an "oh by the way everyone we are closing" FUCK GM, GMAC, CHRYSLER, and ALL of the companies and banks who got bailout money FUCK YOU ALL! That should have went to the taxpayers, and maybe they would have all paid off cars, bought houses, and other shit and the companies wouldnt have needed the bailout money which by the way it all just went to pay the bonuses of the CEO's! FUCK ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!! I feel like shitting in an envelope and mailing it to GMAC!!!!!!!! Maybe eat allot of corn and beans first!

  49. Since you want start off by throwing insults again,
    Bullshit! My facts are right on the money.
    GMAC is owned by GM Dumbass. That will never change.
    GMAC did get money and yea it was WAY MORE then the auto suck holes! I don't own a GM auto, and just wait, with all the layoffs, your ass will be homeless in matter of time. Keep protecting the shity company you work, I mean SLAVE for and you will see how it really pays off. It's dumb fucks like you that are fucking up the economy. You think you know what your talking about, you only know what the company programmed you to know. Your nothing more than a corporate puppet. Your kind are all over the place. Another fine example of the idiots that allow corporations to brain wash them.
    Heres a tid bit mr. asshole.
    How is it the buyers fault if the finance company approved the loan. Don't they pull credit? Don't they verify income? Don't they verify employment? Seems to me they even count the skids in your underware. How the fuck did it happen then? Oh, it must have been the super smart people like yourself that approved those loans.
    What I don't under stand is how those people got financed. You can never tell me the banks did NOT see this coming. How the fuck can someone that don't have enough income to buy the house on fixed interest rate, able to buy it on a 2 or 3 year interest only ARM? Impossible! There was no WAY their income was going to grow that much that fast. Unpredictable income and assets!!!!! What the fuck kind of bankers are you people? Imaginary!
    Now try and justify that, YOU CAN'T!
    So I say again, The banks put us in the postion and are keeping us here to rape the rest of our money, you fuckin silly asshole!
    And 1 more time, GO FUCK YOURSELF IDIOT!

  50. Anyone who would work as a collector is nothing more than a cheap whore. ALL collectors are assholes, that is a job requirement. I can see by the way the collection assholes abuse the English Language that they are ignorant and probably retarded. Companies that make money by charging excessive interest and fees deserve what they get.

    I hate ALL collectors, and hope they rot in hell.

  51. Not just ignorant and retarded, but most of them are working from another country trying collect for US banks. That shit should be stopped too. NON-US based companies should NOT be allowed to function in or for the US in ANY capacity!
    Just goes to show why our economy is in the shitter. I'm still waiting for my million dollar bail out. Come on Obama, WTF is taking so long?
    Fuck all these BANKS! STOP giving them my fucking money!
    CLOSE your fucking doors GM, COMPLETELY! Rottin scum bags! Take another $16 Billion then Lay off over 1600 people and file bankruptcy????? Just so you don't have to pay it back??? The US should put those fuckers in JAIL! It's called extortion and miss appropreating funds! UNFUCKINGREAL!
    Wells Fargo (whom we all now got a shit load of money form the Fed.) Bought Wichovia Bank out????? HOW?? I guess they just got way too much of my fucking money! Bank Of America, who lends to Illegal Immigrants without a social security number or credit rating whom pay NO taxes, (better known as Bank of FUCK YOU America) Just bought Country Wide Mortgage. Where the fuck are these banks getting all this money? I know the banks aren't selling cheap, so where is it coming from? Hmmm, I know, It's called the Fuck The American fund! This shit needs to stop! We need to retake the Government along with the whole banking industry and get rid of the jerkoffs doing this shit. Lock them assholes up too!
    Oh and hey, FUCK YOU GM/GMAC THIEF MOTHER FUCKERS! I hope you get shut down!

  52. ALL YOU STUPID-ASS REPS 'claiming' to be from GMAC. Let me tell you a bit of sarcastic shit that you dump on your customers.

    First of all my 6 year loan with my car has never been late. Not once. Not ever

    What does GMAC do?

    1. They posted my payments to another account and harassed me day and night despite me sending cerfified mail copies of my bank statement proving my checks were cashed. It took about 18mos to straighten that out with accounting and did I get one apology?NO!

    2. One rep threatened me stating I missed a date in Federal Court when clearly this was not the case after they AGAIN claimed they didnt get my payment and I had to prove again via a bank statement that they did! They called me 18 times a day (yes you suck-ass reps I can prove it too)

    3. Again I got calls stating they didnt get my payment and I sent yet another bank statement, and the rep cussed at me saying they'll sue me for 'every fucking dime you have' as it was put to me.

    Oh, and before you so-called GMAC employees say this isnt true. I have these conversations all recorded. Wanna hear them Ill send you a tape. They went to my attorney as Im suing reps personally for harassment. That's right...Im suing the reps. and I DO HAVE A CASE.

    I paid my bills on time, GMAC just couldn't get their heads out of their asses long enough to process in a timely manner. I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG!



    Fine. I'm happy to talk to you. What I don't appreciate is you cussing and swearing at me threatening to garnish wages (hey Im disabled with MS go ahead and try) One gal threatened to call the social security admin. on me stating I didn't sound disabled.

    I sent you everything you asked statements, canceled checks, letters, copies of all sorts of crap and you still harass me daily. Even now...guess what they once again deposited my money into another account and I had to send another bank statement. LOSERS!

    The nature of the spelling errors left by the supposed GMAC Cust. Service reps prove that even deadbeat losers can get hired.

    Bring it on, so-called GMAC reps. I got all the proof in the world of what I just stated. Bring it on!

  53. Don't worry they won't...LOL
    Most of them will be unemployed with in the next 2 months if the Government don't bail GM/GMAC out again.
    They are a bunch of piss poor losers. That's why they have the jobs they do.
    If a company can't sustain itslef then the only logical thing to do is close the doors forever. CLOSE YOUR FUCKING DOORS GMAC/GM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    imagine that, a MULTI billion dollar Corporation lashing out on people for not paying timely. Well GMAC, What the fuck makes you so special? (PAY YOUR FUCKING BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!) Maybe that's why some people can't pay, they're already paying the extra taxes to pay your fucking bills.
    I hope they close that shit hole down real soon. I can't stand the fact that you take tax payers money and fucking lay people off anyway. BUNCH OF FUCKING SCUMBAG MOTHERFUCKERS! Some of those fuckers should fuckin die too.

  54. Those people are always rude, and some of them fail to do their job by typing the notes in and you get the shit end of the deal.

  55. Great story. True, hand raised to GOD as I write.

    In 99 bought a TransAm, financed by GMAC, $32K financed for 5 years, plus all the interest, PAID IN FULL, 60 payments later, on time, never late.
    In 2000 bought a Yukon XL, finance by GMAC, $50K financed for 5 years, plus all the interest. Paid 59 of 60 payments, when mysteriously GMAC claims they never received the FINAL PAYMENT in the mail. After numerous phone calls to GMAC saying it was sent (which it was), each time with the GMAC rep saying, "Let's wait a few days", we awoke the day after Xmas to find a tow truck taking my truck. The next business day (God knows GMAC never worked a weekend) I called and canceled the original check sent, sent GMAC the FINAL payment via Western Union, which cost a bunch, and PAID a fortune to get my now PAID for Yukon from the company holding the truck. Can you say GMAC are IDIOTS!!!

    Now the kicker, as if this is already enough. The past Wed, we went to purchase a new ACADIA, financing over $50K with warranty, bs, bs, the dealer (Mataga GMC) let's us roll with the car, a weekday when they could check with GMAC for APPROVAL. Get a call on Saturday that GMAC denied the deal due to them having to repossess the Yukon! Credit report shows a repo, followed by PAID IN FULL! Can you say GMAC is fucking stupid!!! and yes, I tried many, many times to have GMAC remove the repo from our credit, but like the US Government, GMAC is also NEVER WRONG!

    That does it! Love the Acadia, but even for FREE, I WILL NEVER OWN ANOTHER GM product. A sad story, but so so true!

  56. karma is a wonderful thing!

  57. Thats Ok I ended up screwing GMAC over pretty good LOL.
    I bought a 2006 GTO and financed it for 72 months at 0%. I sold Chevy's and invested all my 401K in GM stock so that the dealership would match it, well now $46,000 of my money is worth nothing, my dealership closed and I was out on my ass, so I am a repo man now and learned the ways to hide a car! So I stopped paying and drove the car daily, and didnt pay for almost a year. Just a month and a half ago GMAC sent a notice to appear in court on it and wanted the car back or the money in full, well 1 week later I got rearended and knocked over an embankment and the car is 975.00 from being totaled, and on top of that GMAC didnt appear in court and the judge threw out the case ROFLMAO. So, I kept the check the insurance company sent me to fix the car, paid cash for a Toyota, took the motor and tranny outta the GTO, and towed it myself to the repo company looking for it LMFAO SCREW YOU GMAC!!!!! They do not have to pay their debts, the Government lets them get away with it, but yet WE owe them still, well I say screw that!. They owe me my 401K and well I got it outta that car, well not all of it! Hell my credit will be all good again in 7 years!!!!!

  58. Oh and by the way, I had enough in my saving when I got laid off by GM to pay my car off or at least keep the payment up for the duration of the loan, I just figured that since they didnt have to pay me my GM stock, not even a half of a cent on the dollar, then hell I wasnt paying them!

  59. GMAC blows. We financed our mortgage, equity loan, and several cars through them (husband retired from GM). They are rude and incompetent. Anyone out there, try Quicken. In five minutes, I had more success gathering information about refinancing a mortgage than I did over several days speaking with several other institutions. GMAC was the worst among the bunch. Fred of the Refinance Department, in particular, was a total jerk. He refused to give me any identifying information such as an ID number for my records. Apparently he is the only Fred who works within GMAC.

    As my brother the real estate broker pointed out, GMAC is desparate and needs cash NOW. I won't mourn their passing when they disappear to join our GM retiree benefits.

  60. i've been making payments on my mortgage with no problem but somehow their record doesn't seem to show my payments since november. i kept on calling them and telling them that i have a proof from my bank record that i made those payments. they will then check my record and tell me that i'm right but they have to transfer me to another dept to fix it but then when i get transfer to another dept and tell them my story again, they will transfer me back to that dept and so on. i'm tired GMAC. THEY SUCK!

  61. My problem still hasn't been resolve.....

  62. I was Mobilized back in Aug 09 and my pay got messed up I had automatic withdraw at that time. So I called to let GMAC know what happened and they asked why did your pay get messed up? I said its the Army things happen. Anyway they decided to withdraw another payment the next day and the after that. Well now they say I have to send a certified check now for my payments for 12 months straight. Its nice to know that these dumb asses are here sucking the life out of the very ones that are serving the Country they want to call home. I have about 50 Soldiers that say they have had the same problem so we are going to ban GMAC Army wide.

    There are about 250000 Service members in the US I wander how many are being fucked by GMAC.?
    Well they better hang on because we Service members are forming an alliance against them. We cant shut them down but I can guarantee no Service member will be using them when we get done . So to GMAC you better get it while you can because your free ride is just about over and you may want to check out the Soldiers and Sailors Protection Right Act . That’s a Federal Law that was put in place to keep you assholes from doing what your doing.

  63. To all gmac employees…..You work for me!!!!..You are owned by the US Government which is funded by our taxes….So as your boss I am telling you that you suck….I traded in my G6 and you cashed the payoff check and still after being mailed a certified copy (which was signed and received by gmac rep) you are stating not received payment and still calling me for my monthly installment…my credit score has gone down because you are reporting late payments…2 months and I am in my new car….Fortunately for me I work for FOX NEWS…they are sooo interested in airing my recorded phone calls and documents….please stay tuned for your o so responsible and smart employee responses!!!!

  64. Our '07 Suburban was totaled last year. The insurance payment to GMAC was $187 shy of paying off the loan. We were having some serious financial difficulties, so I was told by a CSR that they would take the payment from the insurance company as payment in full. A year goes by, with no further contact from GMAC. When I check my credit report, it shows an amount due, so I called GMAC. They refuse to honor the statement of the CSR I talked to a year ago, and they said they will only ever forgive $50 at most and that I have a payment due (with added interest, of course) by 2013. I'm sure I'll scrape that payment together by then. Thanks for not honoring your word, GMAC. We will be sure to finance elsewhere next time (like American Honda Finance)!

  65. Man i've read all these complaints about GMAC and i can honestly say i'm glad i've never had to deal with them,but i do have a complaint,I have a neighbor who thinks its frikin funny that she owes GMAC money for whatever it was she financed and has given them MY phone number,i have had so many calls from them asking for her and every time i tell them she is s neighbor,not a friend not someone i associate with not a person of interest to me at all but they still keep calling,their number always appears as unknown or private,i live in Illinois so i was wondering does anyone have a number for them? Not only am i going to give them a personal call myself but i am also turning it over to our States Attorney and filing a complaint against her and GMAC if possible.I know some of you might say change my number but why should i? I've had my number for years and changing it would mean I would have to go through hell letting everyone(Banks doctors friends etc,etc) my new number that is not an option.Any help on this subject will be well appriciated.

  66. GMAC first contacted us last August and told us that we owed them $2200 for flood insurance on a condo in Camarillo, CA. We gave them proof of flood insurance at least 3 times before they would credit us, all the while threatening to foreclose.

    Two months later, they contacted us and told us that we were facing foreclosure for $1500 insurance premiums. We again showed them proof of insurance. (The policy only costs $300 – but they have inflated the cost 500% to 700%.) Meanwhile, we were in the process of refinancing with Wells Fargo to get away from the unscrupulous practices of GMAC. We paid the extra $1515.30 to keep the home from going into foreclosure and they received the payment, which was deducted from our account on April 1st, 2011.

    Now we have undisclosed late fees and penalties on a bogus insurance policy for which they owe us the premiums and they will not release the mortgage to our new lender. We have received 3 calls today threatening foreclosure and average 1 – 2 every day. When you ask to speak to a manager, they hang up on you.

    We have never been one day late for any payment which we auto-pay through our bank. How can they get away with this? We want our money back with interest and penalties and hope these crooks get fined for bilking us and harassment. I am looking for a class action lawsuit to join. Somebody has got to stop them. You can’t take away somebody’s home because you suddenly decide to add an insurance requirement that is bogus and no amount of proof of coverage or payment will deter them from their single-minded goal of stealing your home!