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iPhoto 6 and Abandoned Folders

I've removed the following folders from my iPhoto '06 folder (~/Library/Pictures/iPhoto\ Library) and it seems to work just fine:


Nearly all of the year folders had nothing in them except a few Data folders filled with things like "795" and "795.attr." I deleted those. The other files haven't been touched since the 14th, which was the day I installed iPhoto '06. I've since used iPhoto (importing, renaming, etc.) files, so I must conclude that they aren't useful.

My question is this: why weren't these files and folders automatically deleted by iPhoto?

4 Responses to "iPhoto 6 and Abandoned Folders"

  1. I don't know, but is the same for many people.

    And your iPhoto.mdimporter is working correctly? (Search by comments and keywords)

    lisa:~ pac$ mdimport ~/Pictures/iPhoto\ Library/

    *** Parsing file: '/Users/pac/Pictures/iPhoto Library/AlbumData.xml'

    ERROR: syntax error (<key>PhotoCount</key>)


  2. Yeah, mdimport works fine here. Takes awhile, but works fine.

  3. From version 4.x to 5.x we've lost the Album folders. Now we loose the by-year folders ? Where is iPhoto storing those files now ? Don't tell me it's in some flat folder structure, or in a hashed and unreadable structure like an iPod?

  4. Alberto -

    Make sure none of the items in your iPhoto Source list (Albums, Smart Albums, Folders, etc) contain multi-line comments. If they do, this appears to cause mdimport to choke on the AlbumData.xml file. I've filed a bug report with Apple.