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iTunes ‘Spyware’ No More

Not that it ever was, but not it certainly isn't.

2 Responses to "iTunes ‘Spyware’ No More"

  1. Woah, great. I've really had enough from this moronic spyware discussion.

  2. I do wonder how this (if this) is manifesting itself on copies of iTunes for Windows, where the user base might feel a tad more paranoid about spyware. I don't think I have seen that angle in any of the stories.

    But I was never concerned enough about it to check out how it is manifesting itself on the Apple side. (suggesting tunes from your "recently played" playlist?)-- I have pretty much kept ITMS on moratorium since I lost broadband in a move to the sticks.

    Almost all consumer tracking is tracking an amorphous aggregate anyway, not -you- personally. Companies want to know "Big Spenders like..." and "People who like X like Y" for many more reasons than possibly invasively hounding John Doe for John Doe's favorites, and often things do not get anymore personal than a zip code.