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HD Camcorders Under $1600

Steve was right: Sony's consumer HD camera is under $1600. In fact, it's under $1500. Pretty amazing.

3 Responses to "HD Camcorders Under $1600"

  1. i'm waiting it out until there is a reasonably priced HD camera that can record 60fps or higher. (full resolution, or scaled down to only 780p or something)

    my canon SD500 can do 320x240 at 60fps, and i cant stop using that + quicktime to create 30fps slowmotion. i'm addicted, but the only thing missing is high-definition. 🙂

    that might be a while.

  2. How would you play back HD content? Film it, edit in Final Cut or iMovie, dump it back to the camera and then play on an HD set? Seems like a lot of work, and we're probably 3 or 4 years away from PC and Mac based HD-DVD/Blu-Ray burners.

  3. Record in HD, edit in HD, burn to a disc or create HD movies. I like the whole idea of the wider viewing angle… who cares about Blue-Ray? DVD will be fine.