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Roz Ho at 1:12

Roz Ho comes on to the Macworld Expo keynote stage at about 1:12 (hours:minutes) in, and man is she the opposite of Steve or what? Holy cow. She's… just… bad!

4 Responses to "Roz Ho at 1:12"

  1. It's just uncomfortable to watch when she is up there. The fact that she is reading from a teleprompter is bad enough, but whoever wrote that stuff for her should be shot. Those jokes bombed. Bad.

  2. The jokes are bad, and she isn't an orator. I agree - bad bad bad.

  3. poor girl.

    she was the same last time too. kind of... embarrassing to watch.

  4. Was there a 'joke', beyond the bunny suit reference? (even the intel bunny suit bit had a bit of deer in the headlights awkwardness for intel)

    From her demeanor, I always get the feeling she is in a difficult position, that she has to battle internal MS politics constantly just to keep apple apps going, and she has to act similarly towards Apple to appease her bosses.

    If there was genuinely good news she -could- openly share (such as allowing Windows to work with OS X Intel in the manner that Classic does with OS X PPC), perhaps she would not seem so awkward. But I feel sorry for her position, as it is most likely not as easy as it could or should be.