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Yo, Jimbo!

I downloaded and launched Yojimbo. I drug a URL from Safari to the "Bookmarks" section of the application. It utterly failed to recognize it. Then, after discovering that I had to drag it to the Library or the dock, I tried to encrypt it. It crashed.

Then, after re-launching and successfully encrypting something, I was able to delete that same thing without being prompted for a password. How about a lock functionality?

I turned off the Finder warning re: deleting items in the trash, so Yojimbo itself put up as much of a fight when it was being deleted itself. 😛

In other words, I just didn't see the point. It looks, upon first glance, as if it's trying to do too many things: a password archiver without the ability to automatically fill in passwords for you, a bookmark organizer with no browser integration, etc.

4 Responses to "Yo, Jimbo!"

  1. I was excited when I first saw this today, as I'm in the market for such an app, and the screenshot depicts the kind of thing I'd use it for. But, like many 1.0 apps, it is a little unpolished.

    Bare Bones makes a good pass at an OS X interface with this, in contrast to BBedit (which, despite, I am a *huge* fan of), but I won't be purchasing it at least not before trying it for a bit longer.

    One sore point: they ought to include some cute icons to put on your folders/collections/whatzits like in the screenshot. For the price they're charging, they could license a dozen or so to choose from.

    I agree, it's trying to do too much. I like Wallet for the whole secure-storage-of-serial-numbers-'n-stuff deal. I think they should have made it have customizable types with different fields, rather than just the presets.

    Oh, this app would look sexy with a unified toolbar, I think.

    And a dashboard widget.

    And tags.

    And a pony!

  2. you are so negative, haha

    I agree though it is StickyBrain (from Chronos) without the .Mac/Palm integration...and the functionality is totally 1.0.

    Oh and the name is lame...

  3. I would agree that Yojimbo is trying to do too much. (Personally, I'm just looking for something better than Stickies.) Also, $39 is way too much for something like this.

    I agree though it is StickyBrain (from Chronos) without the .Mac/Palm integration

    The Yojimbo web page says it can use ".Mac Sync Services."

    they ought to include some cute icons to put on your folders/collections/whatzits

    FWIW, you can paste an icon in the inspector window.

  4. yeah, I can see you can paste an icon, but where are you gonna get the icon? You have to go look for a good image to use. Why not just include some nice default ones so you can quickly make a folder and give it a distinguishable icon?