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Porn Rating System

Seriously, a porn rating system? Real smart Republican there, that Senator Ted Stevens is.

Let's see, we have "B" for bestiality. Or is that "Butts"? "A" is like "Anal Penetration" or "Ass," and "L" would probably be Lesbian. Is "G" for "group" or "gay," then? I digress…

During a committee hearing on the Child Online Protection Act last week, he put the adult entertainment industry on notice that if it didn't come up with a rating system, Congress would do one for them.

Despite being voted down, I think that the ".xxx" domains and perhaps ".kids" are the best options.

But really, any Internet filtering software usually has one major problem: the kids are smarter than the parents and will find ways around it anyway. So, too, will the rest of the world. Any U.S. legislation on this issue is thus an egregious waste of taxpayer money.