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I'm considering disabling the comments feed for this site. Does anyone use it? It'd mainly be to speed up rebuilds, so if even a few people use it it probably won't be worth the gains. Just let me know.

4 Responses to "Comments Feed"

  1. What do you mean comments feed? The comments are available in RSS? I do not see them using Pulp Fiction- it might be different if I were viewing the page in a browser that parsed RSS in the way Safari does.

    Or perhaps you just mean disabling the ability of readers to comment?

    In any case-- I don't think I have ever noticed a comments feed on anyones site. I use Safari exclusively on my Powerbook, but there are very few sites I read as feeds via Safari (I would typically be expanding to see images anyway), and it so happens, the sites I do regularly read as feed:// with Safari,
    do not solicit comments. It is possible I have seen comments sifted into RSS feeds and never noticed it - a similar blindness that those who used to post HTML and other highly formatted text to ascii 7 domains like Usenet and mailing lists would never see the extra bandwidth they were using.

  2. Uh, Bud, see the RSS button that says "comments" to the right? It links to "feed://"? That's what I mean.

  3. I think your comments feed is a good thing for following an ongoing discussion. It's also a lot smarter to have an all-in-one feed like that than to have a single comments feed for every post like others have. You don't want to subscribe to single-post comment feeds, that's just a clumsy solution. And on the other hand, reloading pages just to see if there's an answer or a new comment is also not the best solution.

    I don't know how many subscribers you have to that feed, but it's a pretty good solution. Comment feeds in general also remind me of the fact that it might be a good thing to have a feed reader with client-side spamment filtering. It's incredible how much crap appears in old posts of many blogs...

  4. Google uses it, every time I post a comment here (like this one) google shows it in the google blog searchf or my name. Queue "I'm so vain".
    I think comments feeds are a good thing.