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QotD: Smart Folders

Question: Do you have any smart folders in your Finder?

My Answer: Nope. None. I never have, in fact, except the one I created a week or two ago to see that they were actually just an XML file.

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2 Responses to "QotD: Smart Folders"

  1. Yes, but only one; it just lists Xcode Project Files that are found under a certain folder.

  2. I constantly use them for many things. On a fast box, it really makes sense for me, especially if I use it with Spotlight comments and some other criteria. Once I got used to the idea, it was great to let the computer do the organizational work for me and stop thinking about how to build up a sensible structure.

    I'm also pretty sure that this feature and the whole Spotlight thing is going to become more attractive as the machines get faster and the technology matures.