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QotD: Reboot Daily

Question: Do you reboot daily?

My Answer: Heck no. Like Michael, I experience some sluggishness at first, but it tends to wear off after about ten minutes of use. I should check some day to see if it's due to heavy paging, as I do run lots of tasks at night that aren't normal - backups, etc. Perhaps my non-UI tasks take precedent and page out things like Safari, Entourage, etc.

At any rate, after ten minutes or so, my computer behaves as normally (and expediently) as it would after a reboot.

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7 Responses to "QotD: Reboot Daily"

  1. I don't reboot daily. I generally put the computer to sleep while I'm asleep and while I'm at work, and generally things seem to work okay. I only reboot after I've installed something that requires a reboot.

  2. I reluctantly use a Windows box at work. I rebooted it on average, more than once per day this week.

    My PowerBook, I let sleep. Current uptime is 15 days, and that's when I last installed new software. I occasionally restart particular apps with leaky memory management (Safari, I'm looking at you!) but except for software installtion rarely feel the need to reboot the PBook.

  3. I do not reboot any of my machines nightly. My desktop at work (running XP, believe it or not) hasn't been rebooted in nearly 23 days and my my Powerbook has been up almost 10 days. I found it odd that you experience the same morning sluggishness that I experience with my XP machine. It's like it has to wake everything up and like you said, probably has a lot to do with applications paging things out to the disk. I definitely expect that to be the case for me considering we have a complete anti-virus scan that runs nightly, which uses all the RAM and CPU cycles it can.

  4. I reboot about twice a day, though not so much because I think I'm gaining any performance, or solving any problems, by doing so; just because I tend to power down before I take the laptop to the office, then power down again when I'm going home. I know that I *could* just put the thing to sleep, but I'm paranoid, and prefer to make sure the drive is "parked", as it were.

  5. Gah, no.
    from my powerbook:
    22:05 up 19 days, 9:14, 10 users, load averages: 1.47 1.20 0.95

    from a server at work 😉
    10:05PM up 499 days, 14:51, 2 users, load averages: 0.41, 0.39, 0.34

  6. Not at all. I have only two reasons to reboot:

    1. a system updater / software install
    2. XCode now and then decides to stop logging in development mode. There's something under the covers that keeps dying now and then and I haven't checked yet how to get it going again or what it is

  7. I only reboot my system after burning a DVD. The drive stops recognizing disks once a disk is burned.