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People is a Funny Word

Look at this word for awhile:


Now tell me: does it look funny or what? Please, no replies of "what" are required. It'd show a serious lack of imagination. 😉

8 Responses to "People is a Funny Word"

  1. I've always thought the same thing! You don't say Pe-Oh-Pull, you say Pe-Pull. It's so weird.

  2. I have a similar feeling about once a month regarding one word or another of very frequent vocabulary, and I almost think it might be like some sort of perceptual quirk we all experience, somewhat like deja vu. That is, I think it sometimes goes beyond the common quirks of English spelling variations.

    Sometimes I think it is more likely to happen if the word is in all caps, that the trigger may be more visual, at other times, I think it is linked to doubts about spellings (mispellings) of common words.

  3. I once stared at the word "of" for a few minutes just about convinced I'd spelled it incorrectly. You pronounce it "uv" for crissakes! How can it be spelled "O-F"?

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that way. Some English words are just wierd and people or "Pee-pull" is one of the strange ones.

  5. I once read a short story in which a guy wakes up one morning and thinks "shelf" is an odd word and that there is something wrong with it. A few seconds later he hears a crashing sound from the next room. When he goes to investigate, he finds that all the shelves are gone and that everything has fallen to the floor.

    You can see where this is going ... throughout the day he keeps getting that odd feeling that a word is wrong, and then whatever it was that he was thinking of disappears.

  6. I'm still in school and have to do write offs. After writing the same thing for the fifty-fourth time, it starts looking REALLY weird... and WEIRD may be the strangest word of all. And also, who created the so-often-broken rule 'I before E except after C'? It like never works. Except for spelling 'pie' and field'. (Anyone up for some field pie?)

  7. Aren't "lines" or "write offs" -- or whatever you call them -- such a stupid idea? Does anything dull the mind to the meaning of a sentence more than repeating it ad nauseum?

    Of course, the meaning-dulling effect can be used for amusement, as most of us find out eventually. I believe that we normally recognise words by their overall shape (as anyone who's seen that chain e-mail with the mxeid up letetr odrer will attest) but putting a word in uppercase makes its shape less distinctive, so we scruitinise the word more and then notice its strange spelling and other qualities.





  8. That just happened to me. It's happened before with the word sleep too. 😛 It's just funny to stare at.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks these things. >_