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QotD: 2006 State of the Union

Question: Did you watch? What did you think, as a whole?

My Answer: No, and thus, I didn't think anything. Aside from comments here, I plan to avoid reading about it as much as possible today. 😐

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3 Responses to "QotD: 2006 State of the Union"

  1. I want to know why people keep from watching political stuff? It upsets me that Americans do not care enough. We have a right to vote and most don't even do it, but everyone will bitch about it when something bad happens. I vote, I bitch. If you don't vote, don't bitch.

    Aside from that, I think Bush is a tool bag. Everything he said last night was a waste of air time. He's lied the last five years, this is no different.

    The lies keep comin' from Bush and the republicans.

  2. Bobbo, why waste your time watching Bush lying on television? Erik just said he didn't watch the address, he didn't say anything about voting.

  3. I watched it… it was entertaining at least to watch the democrats acting like poor losers… Especially now that Alito has handed the Judiciary to the right.

    … Bush stumbled over his words and made it seem like speaking is pretty laborious, though i realized that even though it sounds like a word-train-wreck is around EVERY corner, he at least is comfortable saying the stuff. He doesn't look like he is reading, he's not show-boating, it actually seems like he's just speaking (words too big for him to properly speak of course, but all the same)

    That's in stark contrast to the Democratic response… which in speaking of CONTENT, was incredibly superior - far better written and with actual meaningful things said… but Timothy Kaine just seemed like he was shitting in his pants. I mean truthfully he did alright… but he was sweatin'. He had barely started his term last month when they invited him to do the response… so i imagine he would be a lot less comfortable speaking in front of the entire Nation for the first time… at least less comfortable than the moron who's been bold face lying to the nation for 6 years…. I guess Bush just has practice.

    All in all, i'd say Bush stuttered and stammered less than normal, but said just as much as he normally does: pretty much nothing.

    The State Of The Union Is Good. Rhetoric, Protect Americans, We want smarter kids but we dont actually want to fund even our OWN education initiatives… We want all people to be able to have medical insurance, but when we say "all people" we really just mean all those people who could already afford it to begin with. Terrorism Terrorism BOO! We're not attacking iRan (Until I find some way to personally benefit from it… i already get all my ridiculous 'war time' privileges for being in iRaq… why go to iRan?) We need to strengthen america by destroying it's fundamental civil liberties with the Patriot Act… You know, so i can …uh… protect you from all the bad people. Oh Yeah, and we need bipartisanship in washington (snicker snicker just kiddin' …we republicans own everything!) May God Bless America.

    🙂 (sorry, this is probably a bit trolly. :-P)