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233 Hours

Carey jokes with me that I don't "do" anything all day except "read other people's blogs." Truth is, I do spend about 30 minutes per day reading other people's blogs. Like Judi's. Today, Judi writes that she worked for 233 hours in January.

I didn't work nearly that much in January, but I can say that I have easily worked that much in the past. After all, that's less than eight hours per day (every day of the month, yes)! When I was running Freshly Squeezed Software, 233 hours would have been a slow month. I miss the work, but I don't miss the hours. Or the customers. 🙂

It's funny, though, these people with "regular jobs." They don't seem to understand what's required to work from home. Yeah, I get to sit here in the same chair all day. Yeah, I can run errands or take two hours for lunch sometimes. But I also don't have a secretary. I have ten or twelve bosses (every client, right?) with deadlines that more often than not overlap. I have to constantly push aside "real life" stuff to get other stuff done.

Carey calls me at 3pm most days when she gets out of school. That's still work time for me, and a 10-minute interruption often results in not only ten minutes of spent productivity time but ten more minutes getting geared up again. And she wonders why I don't like to talk at 3pm (it's not regular enough or I'd simply plan for it).

I'd tell her what I actually do all day, but she doesn't care to hear about "computer stuff." So, there we go. I must spend 200 hours per month reading other people's blogs.

2 Responses to "233 Hours"

  1. Well said! I have the exact same problems since I work from home too. It's so much easier to get distracted at home, from errands to doing little things around the house. And then, yes, the phone calls from friends/family interrupting some productive programming. It's a tough life, but much better than working in an office and having to deal with office politics and everything else, that's for sure 🙂

  2. I love you, Erik!