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Door for the Pool Room

This entry is mostly for my wife to make a decision (today). She's at a conference, so this is how I can reach her…

Six Panel Door

The choices are: the above door today or a flat (solid) door in a week or two.

This one doesn't match any door in our house (no interior door, anyway). But it's not near another door and it is somewhat unique. I kinda like it, but that's more a 55/45 split than a hearty "let's use this one."

For the pool room, this is. We have a (temporary) unfinished hollow door there now.

2 Responses to "Door for the Pool Room"

  1. She decided that this door was fine. Kinda figured she'd say so here… oh well.

  2. Big flat doors are hollow not necessarily due to the weight, but due to the difficulty of getting a solid piece of quality wood that size. That is why most solid wood doors are made of panels; it is easier to get a quality piece of wood (or at least have several quality pieces of wood work against each other to prevent warping) because there aren't that many trees that are made into lumber that are three feet wide and knotless.

    Sorry if I have stated the obvious, yet again.