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iPod Volume

Can a judge sentence someone to self castration? Because folks like this should not be allowed to breed. Or even interact with other human beings.

Or maybe the judge could sentence the guy to write 1 million times on a chalk board "If my iPod is too loud, I will henceforth simply turn down the volume."

7 Responses to "iPod Volume"

  1. There ought to be a way for a judge to penalize wrongful accusations by a lawyer or firm. Either that or cap rewards that a firm could ever attain. Make it fair, but not so that any firm will just run around seeing if they can throw out a few lawsuits to see if one gets them anything. I'm getting sick of the one-third pay they get just for winning off somebody else's misfortune.

  2. We really really really need a loser-pays legal system here. Frivolous lawsuits would go the way of the dodo, and that would be a good thing.

    Let's see:
    - spill coffee, sue McD
    - play iPod too loud, sue Apple
    - drive home drunk, sue the bar that sold the beer
    - get speeding ticket, sue the manufacturer for selling me a car that goes too fast

    Welcome to America, the Home of the Offended, Land of the Litigious.

    Please, people, let's take just a LITTLE BIT of personal responsibility in our lives!

  3. Yes, they can. There was some woman that "accidentally" killed her 7th or 8th child (and each with a different father) in GA. She was ordered to be made sterile in sentence to the death. So there is a precedence at least!

  4. Y'know, I once looked at the sun for too long and now I have permanent eye damage*, so I've decided that I'm going to sue God, and if he fails to show up to court I'm going to do the next best thing and sue all religions.

    * OK, so didn't really happen, but my eyesight is still bad.

  5. word. Maybe Apple could counter-sue for brand name damages.

    (one note: go look up the actually court case of that woman versus Mcdonalds. It's WAY different than the rumor-version you've heard. It's really kind of compelling, and a pretty horrible example to use in this situation.)

  6. Not that I side with this guy and his litigious behavior but I think it's ignorant to say you only have to "turn down the volume" in order to not experience hearing damage from an iPods volume. Countless times I've been victim to the sound level jumping hideously to the extremely loud side of things when I'm fumbling through a pocket trying to locate the scroll wheel on my nano to adjust the volume (down or up). The nano even reacts to the headphone cable from time to time. To recap, Yes, turn the volume down if you want to avoid voluntary hearing loss but I'll be damned if that iPod doesn't have a mind of it's own sometimes.

  7. Jackson, there's this button called "Hold." Learn what it does.