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Definition of the Word ‘Asshole’

Webster's, if you'd like to use this image for the next version of the dictionary, you have my express written permission to do so.


10 Responses to "Definition of the Word ‘Asshole’"

  1. I saw a guy park his Mercedes Benz in the Handicapped Parking Spot at Wal-mart.

    As the cop was writing the ticket, a crowd had gathered around and was CLAPPING!!

  2. Clapping? I'm glad society has deemed itself the parking police.

  3. This might be a little more appropriate. (I put it up in about 60 seconds, so don't mind the poor format etc. etc.)


  4. Did this person actually have a handicapped placard or not? It's not obvious from the picture.

  5. It had no handicap placards. Not on the plates, not on the rear-view mirror, etc.

  6. Even so, the typical Hummer (at least the initial civilian version) strikes me as a vehicle that might work very well for a handicapped person. Giving the benefit of the doubt that there may actually be a handicapped person making their way into Target, the way it is parked suggests that there may have been a non-handicapped driver, and the handicapped person was actually on the passenger side (and the driver may have had to assist the handicapped passenger).

    How do the readers here feel about handicapped tags being driven and parked in such spaces by a non-handicapped driver, chauffering the handicapped (given the enfeebled actually needing to exit the vehicle?)

    I only use those spaces if the less mobile one I'm toting about is going to get out. If they are staying in the car, they sit where I usually park, which can be at the far end of the lot.

    What I can't stand is when people wait and jockey for closer (not reserved for handicap) spots for minutes, when, if they merely pulled in the first available space and walked, they would be in the store by now.

    Refusing to walk now means not being able to walk later.

  7. And you didn't write down the plate number?

  8. Why would I write down the plate number?

  9. Maybe a close-up of the plate as well, if there's a next time 😉

    As if "Hummer" didn't already say "Asshole" well enough.

  10. I know what the plate number is. It was a customized plate and it's easy to remember.

    But that doesn't matter. Target isn't gonna call the cops to give the guy a ticket. Cops rarely give tickets in store parking lots at the request of the stores. They'd rather piss off the occasional handicapped person than get a reputation as "you get tickets at that store."