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QotD: Super Bowl Party

Question: What are you doing for the Super Bowl?

My Answer: Staying here with just my wife and kid.

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4 Responses to "QotD: Super Bowl Party"

  1. Had a couple friends from work over. It was a Super Bowl / Commercial Bowl / Puppy Bowl II (choose your preference) party. Played a game of NHL 2001 on the PS2 over half time (we've managed to roundup two multi-taps and a half dozen controllers). Pretty good party.

  2. Watched Brokeback Mountian, cursed ABC for delaying Grey's Anatomy. Cursed ABC for pandering by showing a lesbian scene in the first 30 seconds of the ep.

  3. Went to the gym, then went home and watched a Sopranos DVD.

  4. I read a book for the pretty much the frist half of the super bowl, I went and watched it with my moms boyfriend, and then went on the computer, it was a pretty boreing game if you ask