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Immediately Publish Comments From

Today I toggled a setting in this blog's "Feedback" area. I now immediately publish comments only from authenticated commenters. This is two steps up from "no one" and one step down from "Anyone."

MovableType hasn't been updated in months. The next time it is, I'd like to see a setting that immediately approves comments only on entries in the last x days (where x is a text field defaulting to, say, 14). Most spamments are on older entries. But I don't want to turn commenting off entirely because some older entries continue to get valid comments.

At any rate, we'll see how "Any authenticated commenters" works out. If you'd like your comments to appear more quickly, get a TypeKey account. You should be able to get one from the comments below…

One Response to "Immediately Publish Comments From"

  1. I have Email Whitelister installed:

    If you have a regular commenter that's not using TypeKey, you can enter their email address in the plugin configuration and their comments will automatically go through. It helps.