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A Billion iTunes

So you can win some things if you download the billionth song.

Great. I can't even add some items to my shopping cart. I get an error 502. I owe someone an iTMS gift certificate and I can't even access the proper "page" to buy a gift certificate, nor can I add songs to my cart.

You know what would be nice for the iTunes Music Store? TABS. Yeah, tabs. That way I could open a page for each song I'd like to add when the darn thing starts working again.

3 Responses to "A Billion iTunes"

  1. You can drag tunes into a playlist - consider it a wishlist...

  2. i hear ya... i constantly hold command when clicking links in the iTMS expecting a tab to appear...

  3. YES, TABS! There have been so many times that I wanted to look at more than one album, or song, or band that appears in a list of searches but I can't! Or times when I think "Hey, once I finish checking out this band I'll go check out that other band", but because I can't pop open a new tab and do a query right away I usually forget what band I was think about once I'm through with the first one. Serenity Now!