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Willa Ford

Willa FordA few years ago when I was taking Flint to the dog park in Delray Beach every day, I'd occasionally meet new people. You're stuck at a dog park for an hour, otherwise bored, so it's gonna happen. Of course, most of the "regulars" knew each other by their dogs, not their first names, but that's neither here nor there…

One day a new person was there. She had a pretty sedate Boxer. Flint and her Boxer started playing as there were very few other dogs there. Seems this gal was in town visiting her parents or her grandparents (the dog was theirs). She had to "go back to California in a week to go back to work." I never really asked her what work was. As she was leaving, she asked if I'd like to hang out later that night. I had other plans (a rare occurrence), so I begged off.

A few weeks later I saw a video on MTV. The gal with her grandparents' Boxer was none other than Willa Ford… and now she's nude in Playboy. D'oh!

P.S. Not a big fan of the butterfly tattoo.

5 Responses to "Willa Ford"

  1. You'll never get a second chance 😛

  2. No worries. I married someone who is beyond doubt 100x better. Or more. 😉

  3. The above comment is worthless without pics! 😉

  4. Thats a pretty darn big turn down.

  5. In my defense, she wasn't exactly looking quite so good that day. No makeup, funny sunglasses, hat, the works. 🙂