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Gannon Programming Contest

A local college, Gannon University, is having a Computer Programming Contest. The contest rules say that "Entries can be written in any programming language," which is great, but they continue the sentence "as long as they are executable on a PC running a LINUX or Windows operating system."

While I'd like to think that they figure programming on a Mac (or with Cocoa) is too easy, I know that's not the case. I am not sure whether they're actively discriminating against Mac users because they don't offer any classes on Mac OS X, because the administrator has a dislike for Macs, because they didn't think of it, because they don't have a Mac OS X machine to test the app on, or what… but I've written a letter to the director of the contest.


With Mac OS X being built on Unix and with its widespread use in academia and its growing use in not only computer sciences, but all of science, I'm puzzled as to why your programming contest[1] requires[2] the use of a PC running Linux or Windows.

I feel as though you're ignoring or discarding a large segment of potential future students by ignoring Mac OS X.

I earned quite a good living for three years writing and selling Mac OS X software. I was even featured in the Erie Times-News when I sold my company.

If it's simply a matter of not having a computer capable of running Mac OS X, I'd be happy to loan you one so that students would have all options available to them. I'd also like to be a part of the judging committee if some Mac OS X experience was needed.

Thank you for your consideration.


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  1. hope to see an answer soon!

  2. word.