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QotD: TrackBacks Dead?

Question: Kasia is asking whether TrackBacks are dead or not, so I'm asking you too: are they?

My Answer: For the most part, they seem to be. That's unfortunate, because TrackBack was great. I still use it quite heavily on this site and The Sand Trap as a way of linking between related articles within the same site. I miss the days of getting TrackBacks from others, following the links and seeing what someone else had to say. Damn SpamBackers.

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7 Responses to "QotD: TrackBacks Dead?"

  1. I think they're dead. Technorati et al already do a pretty good job of keeping track of the links between sites, blogs, and blog entries, so there's rarely a need to explicitly inform someone else that you're talking about them. I used to enjoy getting pinged (a rare occasion) but now that enjoyment comes from finding links to my site in Technorati or Google Blog Search (still a pretty rare occasion).

  2. I've never used them, and I've never understood their purpose.

  3. Trackbacks Dead?

    Erik on NSLog() asked if TrackBacks are dead. I'd have to say pretty much. Although, I do like using them when I can, but the spammers do love them.

  4. I killed mine off, after forgetting that they were still on 🙂

  5. QotD: TrackBacks Dead

    Question: Kasia is asking whether TrackBacks are dead or not, so I’m asking you too: are they? Since I only know of one package that integrates them, probably. Maybe they should have come up with a better name for them....

  6. I also never used Trackbacks. I have wanted to since I started blogging, but I either never got them working or never had someone link to me. I'm not exactly big in the blogging community.

  7. FWIW, TrackBacks have been submitted as an Internet standard.