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Enigmo 2

Enigmo 2Apple has the QuickTime trailer for Enigmo 2. Unfortunately, the trailer misspells the word "pangea" in the URL at the end. This flaw is in both the online and the "iPod" version of the movie.

I'll write more about the game after I play a little. For now I wanted to email this blog entry to Pangea's support.

One Response to "Enigmo 2"

  1. God this game is addictive (I played like three levels in the demo and then immediately bought, it was the quickest impulse buy I've ever had I think). Initially I thought the camera controls were bad (I use a track pad which probably doesn't help) but after tweaking the sensitivity and playing a little bit more I've gotten used to them. That and it turns my laptop in a glowing red brick. Awesome game though. 🙂