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Lemonade Stand

I used to spend hours playing entrepreneur as a child. The culprit? Lemonade Stand. And now it's available for Mac OS X. Woohooo!

5 Responses to "Lemonade Stand"

  1. I've never played that game before, but after playing with it for about 10 minutes, let's just say that I guess there's a reason I am not an entrepreneur. 😉

  2. The Return of Lemonade Stand

    When I was in seventh grade, I began computer programming classes. First it was BASIC, on Radio Shack TRS-80 systems (affectionately known as “Trash-80s”). Then it was more BASIC and Turbo Pascal on Apple II computers. Lemonade Stand was a ...

  3. now that takes me back to second grade..

  4. I used to absolutely fiend on Lemonade Stand in elementary school. Do you suppose that game breeds entrepreneurs? Or is it more nature than nurture?

  5. Steven, I think it teaches us that when life gives you lemons, there's money to be made! 🙂

    Perhaps someone can answer this question, though: why don't construction workers ever get thirsty?