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QotD: Storage Space

Question: How much storage space does your computer have in its most-used setup?

My Answer: My G5 has two 250 GB hard drives, one of which I think I'm replacing soon. I really only use one of them while the other serves as a nightly backup.

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4 Responses to "QotD: Storage Space"

  1. My Powerbook has an internal 80GB drive which has 2.68GB free and I have an external 200GB drive which has 52.02GB free. I used to have an 80GB external drive and I was constantly having to burn things to DVD. Now its not an issue, but the 52GB is filling up rather quickly so I may have to look into something even bigger.

    What I don't have is dedicated backup drives. I usually wait until things get real bad and then pray that I can rescue the data. I've been extremely lucky that I've always been able, but I don't think I would recommend this course of action.

  2. 100GB main drive, 500GB internal RAID 0. (I also have a 60GB internal drive I took out a while back and just haven't put back in.)

    Total free space is ~ 7GB.

  3. Internal 40 GB, 250 GB external RAID 1. I'll take security over the faster access times of RAID 0. I've lost one hard-drive "unrecoverablely", and don't plan on that happening again. 🙂

  4. I have a total of ~2.2TB (7x320GB)