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QotD: Olympics Viewing

Question: In sum total, how much Olympics coverage did you watch?

My Answer: No more than 30 minutes.

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9 Responses to "QotD: Olympics Viewing"

  1. Roughly 40 hours.

  2. Oh Jesus ... I had no source of television until my girlfriend bought a TV Tuner card so we could watch the Olympics. In total, I'd say that 50 hours is a conservative estimate. It was a time of zero productivity.

  3. Zero

  4. I watched every night for a few hours. Caught most of the US women's curling team. Love those Johnson sisters. I watched on a two hour tape delay and skipped all of the commercials. Thank god for Tivo!

  5. Not too much, thanks to NBC using WMP for everything (AT&T can go to hell also). All I was able to catch was the biathlon and the Apollo wiping the ice with Ahn in the short track. Actually, I did get to see some Alpine Skiing highlights, but that was thanks to some open proxies in foreign countries with much better online coverage. 🙂

    WMP sucks.

  6. About 10 hours.

    Tried to get into men's hockey but found my self (a) loathing the makeup of the USA team and (b) instead looking VERY MUCH foorward to the next televised Buffalo Sabres game. Okay... loathing might be a bit too harsh, but damn, they fielded the most unexciting and slight-below mediocre team in memory.

    But I definitely got into, uh, men's curling. Three reasons. First, IT WAS LIVE. Somebody - somebody - teach NBC what that means. Second, it was on USA Network. See reason #1. Finally, it was the perfect sport to watch at the perfect time.... Saturday morning at 8am. Best way to catch up on emails and have those first two cups of coffe since, well, Salt Lake City!

  7. You got me beat. But I did listen to the recap on the news every morning on my way to work.

  8. Well,

    I watched that new Olympic Ice program every night (basically commentary) which was 1 hour times 14 days. Plus I would "watch" almost all the olympics. By watch, I mean set the tivo to record and about 1-2 hours after the start and then fast-foward through the boring stuff. In addition I would stick on whatever daytime stuff they had on (mostly curling) and leave it on in the background. So, how much did I watch, about 20 hours. How much did I "see", probably 80-90.

  9. zip