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Web-Based Inventory Management Software Needed

A friend of mine is in need of a web-based PHP/MySQL inventory management software package. The requirements are listed below. Ideally, any software packages (open source, commercial, etc.) would either meet most or all of the requirements or be easily hacked (open source stuff only, I suppose) to allow for the addition of some features.

So, if you know of a package that does this, please post a comment and let me know what it is. I'll be doing my own search today, but I'll likely miss some good ones out there.

<requirements type="semi-loose">
1. Password-protected (since it will be on the web, of course)

2. Products: we have print materials (newsletters, brochures, publications) and we have "swag" (pens, stickers, etc.). Need to know:

  1. Quantity total (on hand)
  2. Quantity on order (date ordered, expected arrival)
  3. Quantity reserved (spoken-for, see below)
  4. Quantity available for order
  5. Lag time (how much time is needed when re-ordered)
  6. Re-order level (how much should be left in stock before reordering)
  7. Supplier (should be linked in separate table… the same supplier might be for different products)
  8. A picture would be awesome

3. Outgoing: Office manager gets an email that says "Can you send 200 brochures, 300 pins and 30 media kits to Joe Schmoe at this address to arrive by March 12". Manager should be able to pull up a form, fill in the info and it will automatically deduct from the "reserved" field above. It needs to include a "date promised" and a "lag time" field so the "date to ship" field is computed automatically. Then she should be able to click a "shipped" button which marks the date.

4. Incoming: A form to fill out when an order is placed with a supplier that adds to the quantity "on order" for each product ordered. Likewise, an "arrived" button or similar to check in an order and move "on order" to "on hand". Should have a field for expected delivery date (see above).

5. Reporting: When the site is entered it shows the manager a list of items that need to be sent in the next few days and to where. It should also list those items that need re-ordering. We would also need a way of printing an activity log to show exactly what she has sent out or ordered over a set period of time.

We don't charge for our items, and when we do we track that in QuickBooks so it doesn't need any $$ fields in the Outgoing area. But it would be nice to have that information in the Supplier table for easy reference.

2 Responses to "Web-Based Inventory Management Software Needed"

  1. Ruby on Rails is acceptable as well.

  2. Not quite what you're looking for but could possibly be mod'd to suit your needs: LIMS