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GMail Spam Recipes

Yes, GMail, that's exactly what I want to see: a few hundred different links to sites that will show me how to cook actual spam while deleting the spam in my Spam folder. Uh huh. You read my mind.

GMail Spam

P.S. Sure wish there was a way to just empty my entire spam folder in one click. I looked around for a few minutes, and deleting 2700+ spams 50 at a time took two whole minutes. But hey, I learned about over 50 recipes for spam!

4 Responses to "GMail Spam Recipes"

  1. I used to be pretty anal about keeping that folder clean, a habit carried over from my experience with desktop email. But eventually I learned to let go, at least in the case of Gmail. The spam folder gets purged automatically after 30 days, and items in the spam folder don't count towards my quota, so there's really no reason to delete them. Other than occasionally checking to see if there were false positives (rare), I never look in that folder.

    That being said, if you change the number of messages displayed from 50 to 100, then you should be able to roughly double the speed at which you can purge the spam folder. I am sure that Google could easily add this feature, but they're trying to enforce their ideal of not deleting anything by making it as hard as possible to delete. Heck, at first there wasn't even a way to permanently delete messages. And even after they added the delete feature, it wasn't easily accessible. Maybe some day they will realize that most users aren't interested in conforming to their model, and add the features that 'everyone else' has, like purging mailboxes... err... labels. I personally don't mind working within their model, but I think they should leave that choice to the user.

  2. It's good to see Google still has a sense of humour -- or some engineer snuck in an easter egg 😉

  3. P.S.

    If you go into Settings -> Web Clips -> Show my web clips above the inbox, you can get rid of that ad bar entirely.

  4. I don't want to get rid of the web clips but I DO want to get rid of those nauseating spam recipes 😡 . Any idea how to do that?