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TypeIt4Me Versus Textpander

Ecto and TypeIt4Me haven't always gotten along. In fact, every crash ecto ever has is related to TypeIt4Me, though I can't figure out why. I went to MacUpdate today to get an update for TypeIt4Me (I had 2.2.2, 2.3 has been out for awhile) to see if it solved some problems and saw that others were talking about Textpander.

I installed Textpander and imported my TI4M shortcuts. Textpander offers the ability to include pictures and formatted text, but I've never had much need for that. It's also implemented as a preference pane, which I like.

Unfortunately, Textpander fails in one regard. I use shortcuts for URLs and HTML/CSS snippets. Textpander can't seem to recognize things like "." or "/" as delimiters to cause expansion. For example, when I type "hts" and then "/" under TypeIt4Me, I get "". Under Textpander I get "hts/".

Until this is fixed, I cannot use Textpander. If it's fixed, I'll likely switch to it as I prefer the implementation (again, a prefs pane). Below you can see the triggers I've set up in TypeIt4Me.

Ti4M Triggers

I wish these worked in Textpander. If I've overlooked something in Textpander, please let me know.

4 Responses to "TypeIt4Me Versus Textpander"

  1. TypeIt4Me 3.0, in beta, is a preference pane and the ecto crashes have seemingly gone away. Also, the Textpander developer has yet to respond to my email, and it's been two days now. His grace period is over. 😛

  2. Perhaps the lack of response from the Textpander author was very likely related to this:

  3. Yeah, maybe it was. Regardless, TypeIt4Me 3.0 is in beta and works as Textpander does. So, no reason to go with Textpander unless they make some major unforseen changes that add some useful stuff.

  4. I've written about TypeIt4Me and Textpander before, primarily here and here. Now the newly renamed "TextExpander" is out with version 1.3 and the fine folks at "Smile on my Mac" have created a little chart showing how much better their...