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Errrr, Three Years Per Mouse

Logitech MX-1000I last bought a new mouse almost two three years ago to the day: March 1, 2003. Less than a week later I wrote about it again, saying that I "adored" it.

Well quite recently the left click on the old Logitech MX-700 that I had started to act up. It often would not remain "clicked" during drags and sometimes things like double-clicking would fail. Two Three years * 52 weeks/year * 40+ hours/week * 60 minutes/hour = probably well over one and a half million clicks. Not too bad.

I found the Logitech MX-1000 - the closest thing they sell to the venerable 700 - at Circuit City and picked one up. It'll take awhile to get used to the changes, but I've set the additional left/right buttons on the scroll wheel to move me through tabs in Safari and Adium. All other buttons remained the same and, quite nicely, the buttons map to the same things in USB Overdrive, so I didn't even have to change anything.

I'm hoping that the better location of the "app switcher" button will lead me to use Exposé more frequently.

P.S. Bob pointed out that my brain fart. 2005 - 2003 is indeed two years… if it were still 2005. Duh.

5 Responses to "Errrr, Three Years Per Mouse"

  1. My Mac SE mouse still works perfectly.

  2. Don't you mean 3 years ago?

  3. Indeed I do, Bob. Which puts the number at more like 1.5 million clicks. And since that's only with about 4 clicks per minute, the real number is probably closer to 10 million than 1.5 million.

    It's March already. You'd think I'd remember it's 2006 now.

  4. The right click of my MX-700 did the same thing to me a month ago. Very problematic when the rockets you're loading up in UT2004 fire prematurely 🙂

    I opened the mouse, didn't notice anything wrong, cleaned the interior, reassembled it and it works great again.

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