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QotD: Front Row

Question: Have you hacked or installed Front Row on your computer? Do you wish Apple would allow it installation on all computers?

My Answer: I have, though that was Front Row 1.0.1. I don't want to install 1.2.1 (directions here) because it disables your menu bar, and the work-around, though simple, is too much of a bother for me to care. I do wish Apple would release and support Front Row for all Macs, though my G5 couldn't use the remote nor would I buy something so it could, so I understand why Apple likely hasn't released it to the general masses (yet?).

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2 Responses to "QotD: Front Row"

  1. I still have my menubar 🙂

  2. If i could buy the remote and the software, for a really decent price (considering how useful it really isn't) i think i'd do it.

    I installed the hack, but it's slow on my dual 867 g4