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IMs to Cellular One Now Work

Ever since I got my Cellular One phone number on May 11 of last year, nobody has been unable to send text messages to my phone via AIM. I could do so (and did so) frequently when I was using Cingular, but Cellular One regarded AIM messages as spam and thus rejected them.

I've tried to send myself messages once every few weeks since then. Yesterday they worked. Hip hip hooray!

Again, in case you're unaware, if you send a message via AIM to the "screen name" +1########## (where the #s are the ten-digit cell phone number), it will be sent as a text message if the person is using most cell carriers.

One Response to "IMs to Cellular One Now Work"

  1. [...] I used to send these messages via the Cellular One website, but then I began sending them via AOL Instant Messenger when that became available. Receiving text messages has always been free and was a large part of the reason Carey and I chose Cellular One. [...]