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NSLog(); Header Image – For Sale?

I just got a call from a woman who is interested in buying (on behalf of an unnamed company) "" I got a few years ago when it became available because "iacas" has been my screen name for over a decade on just about every system out there (AOL, forums, etc.). I bought "" before (when it was registered to someone else) and quickly used it as a dumping ground for things, all in the "/asm" directory (ha ha, get it? :-P), like pictures of my pool room and my cues-in-progress, or even just things I want to share with people like this logo on a golf ball.

Since I "am" for all intents and purposes "iacas" - google it and you'll see what I mean - I'm curious to know what the offer will be and eagerly await the email.

P.S. has, for a few months, simply forwarded here to NSLog();. And yes, I'm aware that IACAS is also "a program written to do interactive argumentation on a computer," which is particularly amusing today given the post I wrote just before this one.

P.P.S. I made it clear that I'd be keeping and would not sell it. I'll be sure to have it included in the contract, should I sell, that is mine and that the company may not file a claim against me for misappropriating their trademark or anything like that.

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  1. Its good to see someone actually has claim to the domain name they want and deserve, and is using it. The domain name I wanted for at least ten years, probably more, has been held by squatters as long. They has never been the slightest bit of web activity ever associated with the name (which was the same as my business initially, at the time) beyond an offer from the squatter to let it go to the highest bidder. And I havent' seen any other interest either.

    I wonder how many domain names are held in permanant speculation limbo that way?

    I'm sure others reading this blog can provide other similar and personal data points.