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iTunes Multi-Pass

Yes, the first thing I thought of was the Fifth Element. Unfortunately, "multipass!" is Milla Jovovich's line, not Chris Tucker's. That's not all Ken Fisher gets wrong in his take on iTunes' new payment option. Specifically, the Multi-Pass is not a subscription, but simply a discount for volume purchases. Subscriptions end. Your rights to items purchased with a Multi-Pass continue beyond the date of the last download.

4 Responses to "iTunes Multi-Pass"

  1. Multipass seems like a good idea for shows like Lost... maybe even the daily show, but it's still a little pricey for me considering the portability (without a Ipod w/ video) is pretty much Zero, and the quality is a third of what's available for free, pirate style.

    If they'd do it as HD, even just 480, i'd probably do it in a heart beat.

    (Or if apple released somethingroughly equivalent to Toast, that would let me burn a limited number of copies to DVD... that'd certainly get me on board.)

    ...oh, and the author of that article is a tool. Chris Tucker? Screaming? what a dumbass. ...and to completely overlook EXPLAINING the difference between a multipass and a subscription... how useless can he be?

  2. Sure, subscriptions end, but it's only the unscrupulous Web businesses that take your content away when the subscription ends. I still subscribe to a few magazines, and no one from Conde Nast has shown up to collect my old issues yet.

    It is a subscription because you're purchasing things you'll receive in the future. A volume discount would be for the past 16 episodes, not the upcoming ones.

  3. @jeff: Yeah, he's a tool, but he finances ArsTech (I'm a old-timer from the forums), so we deal with it.

    His use of subscription is correct in the magazine sense, as @Greg pointed out. Just because the new "subscription" model blows chunks doesn't mean Ken (Caesar) Fisher's usage of it was wrong; in the digital context, we think subscription means the Napster "borrow our music, but don't get too attached" kind.

  4. So I purchased a daily show multi-pass and there's a new episode available, but it hasn't started downloading automaticaly! Anyone know if there's a way to trigger this supposed 'automatic' download of new episodes as they become available?