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QotD: Sudoku?

Question: Do you Sudoku?

My Answer: Nah.

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8 Responses to "QotD: Sudoku?"

  1. Yes.

  2. Nope.

  3. Unisudoku makes it less tedious (check versiontracker)

    Doing it purely by hand, I found myself doodling in the margins, just like I did during grade school when bored or distracted... that discovery was interesting to me actually.

    You aren't really geeky unless you sudoku in hexadecimal however.

  4. Yes! My daughter was doing them and she wanted to do a competion to see who could do one of the puzzles the quickest. However she beat me and I could not let that happen again, so I got hooked on it.

  5. Yes. Far too much. But, it has almost become a way to jolt my brain into thinking instead of anything enjoyable.

  6. Not yet. But when that Brain-somethingorother game is released for the DS I reckon I'll try some. Always a big fan of puzzle games.

  7. No, but I've encouraged my students to with extra credit points. Some of the puzzles are tough!

  8. I have Sudoku in my dashboard. I have played it several times, but I stopped about a week after I got into it. It is just too time consuming and for what purpose?